Sonam Kapoor Reveals Mom, Sunita's Concerns To Maintain Vayu's Privacy, Hints At Her Comeback

During her recent media interaction, Sonam Kapoor revealed how the media frenzy has been quite supportive of maintaining her son, Vayu's privacy.


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Sonam Kapoor Reveals Mom, Sunita's Concerns To Maintain Vayu's Privacy, Hints At Her Comeback

Sonam Kapoor is a versatile woman and a powerhouse of talent. Even after reaching a blockbuster pinnacle of success in her career, the diva is a hands-on mommy to his son, Vayu Kapoor Ahuja, as well as a doting wife to her hubby, Anand Ahuja.

Sonam Kapoor on how much difficult it is to keep son, Vayu’s privacy amidst keen onlookers and paparazzi

Sonam Kapoor is enjoying the happiest phase of her life, i.e. motherhood. She is a loving mom to her newborn son, Vayu Kapoor Ahuja, and together with her hubby, Anand Ahuja, the doting parents had decided early on for a no-picture policy for the little one. During a recent media presence, the fashion queen revealed how she had managed to keep intact Vayu’s privacy, and how the media had been quite supportive of their decision. In her words:

“They don’t take photographs. The Indian paparazzi are not like that. If you request them not to do something, they won’t do it. I never had a bad experience with the Indian media or paparazzi. If I told them I do not want his photos taken, they wouldn’t take it.” 

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Sonam Kapoor reveals how Vayu’s nani, Sunita Kapoor is equally protective about grandson’s privacy

Elaborating further on how she and her family have made a cordial agreement with the Indian media to not click pictures of her son, Vayu Kapoor Ahuja, Sonam further mentioned how her mother, Sunita Kapoor is excessively protective about her grandson’s privacy. She mentioned:

“My mother has asked them repeatedly to never take her photo, and when she asks them not to do it, her photos are not taken. So I know the Indian media will not cover him till I don’t allow it.”


Sonam Kapoor shares her experiences of motherhood

Being a new mom is a challenging task by all means, as one is laden with the sheer responsibility of another life on earth. Sonam Kapoor, who is a newbie mom in B-Town shared her real experiences of motherhood as a journey, and mentioned the changes she has faced over time. In her words:

“You become more responsible as a human being. You give your time only where it’s needed and to what’s important. Your time is basically owned by someone else. My time is mostly for my son and husband. I love my work and that’ll also be an equal priority. Now your timings change. Frivolous things aren’t as important as you thought they used to be.”

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Sonam Kapoor speaks about her long maternity break, hints at comeback

It’s been a long while since the gorgeous diva has mesmerised the audience with her stunning performance. And much like her fans, Sonam Kapoor, too, is eager to hit back at work soonest, and has revealed the same during a media interaction. In her words:

"Honestly, It's been a nice break. I've been doing this since I was so young, but I now want to come back and start getting into things again. I did a film right before I got pregnant, now it's releasing. I'm dying to get back on set because that's what I've done most of my adult life." 

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We cant wait to see Sonam Kapoor get back to the silver screen again!

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