12 Struggles Only Guys Who Have Girlfriends That Are Way Hotter Than Them Will Understand


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12 Struggles Only Guys Who Have Girlfriends That Are Way Hotter Than Them Will Understand

Finding a perfect looking couple where the guy and the girl both are amazing to look at is not a very frequently seen scenario. Mostly, either one of them is a notch above the other. And, there are a lot of examples in Bollywood as well where gorgeous looking women have married or are dating ordinary looking men. Well, you don’t want to put us into trouble by naming them now, do you? But have you ever wondered what these guys go through every day when they have hot girlfriends?

What they feel, how their girls behave and most of all, what people think of them. Here’s an insight into all of that which you will also probably relate to pretty well if you too fall in the same category.

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#1. You are very jealous and over-protective

You always feel that people are judging you and that makes you extra conscious always, and also gets a fear into your head that she might leave you. That is why you are jealous of her other friends and try to be over-protective about her.

#2. You keep wondering whether she will cheat on you

Because you feel that she is too good for you and once she meets a guy who matches up to her in every way, she might cheat on you.

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#3. Nevertheless, you enjoy the company of her hot friends too

But while with her, you enjoy being in the company of her other friends too, and mind you, the hot ones!

#4. People don’t really notice you around her

Because she is so freaking attractive which you clearly are not, so obviously, all eyes are on her whenever you are amidst a company.

#5. You will be an insecure boyfriend

Again, because you feel she is too good to be true, and this is more like a dream which will break into pieces once you wake up.

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#6. You hear the phrase ‘what did she see in you?’ very often

And boy, it does piss you off! You are much more than just good looks!

#7. If you are rich, everyone assumes she is with you for your money

Because they feel that such a beautiful girl can get any good looking guy, then why is she settling for you? Want to punch them hard right? We get you!

#8. She will most likely be dominating

Because of her looks, she is dominating and because you fear losing a girl as hot as her, she takes advantage of that fact and manipulates you.

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#9. You will underestimate yourself at times

You feel that she is too good for you and you are blessed to have someone like her in your life. Nevertheless, you also enjoy the attention she attracts when you are together. You too become popular indirectly.

#10. And you may continue to be with her for the wrong reasons

Either just for the attention or due to the fear of never being able to end up with anyone, let alone someone as hot as her! So irrespective of the fact that you really love her or not, you might just continue the relationship and take it to the next level!

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#11. You will make unnecessary enemies

Because in the endeavour of being the hero, you end up fighting with every guy who looks at her or shows an interest in her!

#12. You will never blindly trust her

If you are insecure, you can never blindly trust. Unless you know for a fact that she is solely into you and truly devoted to this relationship, you will always be in doubt.

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But despite all of these situations, you absolutely rock dude! She definitely is a good catch and is with you because she is into you. Why else would she be with you otherwise when she can easily get anyone she wants. So just ignore what the world has to say and chill out a little yourself too!

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