Kajol's Makeover Over The Years- Her Journey From An Actress To A Diva


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Kajol's Makeover Over The Years- Her Journey From An Actress To A Diva

When it comes to fashion, B- town beauties always put up their best game. While some impress with their style sense, others fail miserably, no matter how hard they try to remain in the best-dressed column. But, there are some celebrities who improve their fashion sense with time, emerge as unexpected winners and hog the limelight in no time.

One such tinsel town actress is Kajol, who has come a long way regarding her fashion and appearance. She looks more radiant and stylish than before and her every look is spot on! So, without any delay let’s look at Kajol’s complete makeover that made her the new fashion diva of Bollywood.

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From dusky to fair

Kajol's makeover

Kajol’s natural beauty has always been admired by many. Her dusky complexion was loved by all.   But, when Kajol was seen with fairer skin tone after a long time, rumours spread that the actress had undergone skin lightening treatment to get a fairer look.

kajol Makeover

But, rubbishing the rumours, the diva clarified that the change in her skin tone is due to de-tanning, and not surgery.

Kajol's makeover

Putting the speculations to rest, Kajol said:

“I have not undergone any skin whitening surgery. I have just stayed out of the sun! For 10 years of my life, I was working all the time under the sun, which is why I got tanned! And now I am not working in the sun anymore. So I've got untanned! It's not a skin whitening surgery; it's a stay at home surgery. I've already gotten that (success and stardom). Why would I lighten my skin now?”

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From drab to fab

Kajol's makeover

For a long time, Kajol stayed away from the latest fashion trends. She was mostly seen in her signature look - saree, suit, neutral lip shades, ponytails, kohl eyes and baked makeup. She hardly paid attention to what she was putting on and whether the cuts flattered her body type or not. She was all about comfort.

Kajol's makeover

But, thanks to Triparna Majumdar, her stylist whom she signed years ago, for adding extra zing to her style quotient. Kajol was seen in a whole new avatar with bold lip shades, new hairstyles, spot on makeup and flattering outfits with different cuts, patterns and silhouettes. The star was “in the mood to experiment” with her looks, and Majumdar made sure that Kajol was seen in comfortable and stylish avatar every time she stepped out.

Kajol's makeover

Sharing her experience on styling the actress, Majumdar once said:

“At the time when I met Kajol she had her favourites in place and didn't want to budge from them. Like she would only look at black among everything that I would line up for her and stick to only neutral shades for lips. Gradually I started trying new things choosing fresh silhouettes brighter colours and I played a lot with her hair. It worked each time for us as her face was receptive to every kind of hairdo, her skin shone in all the new colours that she had earlier stayed away from.”

Kajol's makeover

Her stylist further added:

“Although she was pretty clear, she didn't want to be a style icon or something, and she was enthusiastic to dress up and most importantly allowed me to think which was very encouraging for me as a stylist. In terms of her looks, for me she is like this raw, promising island which I am still exploring and the surprise continues.”

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From slightly heavy to fit

Kajol's fitness

Kajol not only worked on her fashion quotient, but even on her body. Although the actress was never on the heavier side, now she looks more lean, fit and younger than before, courtesy her diet plan and training. Talking about the same, the actress said:

“I work out a lot, I spend a lot of time in the gym. There's no easy way to do it. I wouldn't say that I am naturally like this...I work out really hard, and am very good at my diet, and that has worked for me. It (fitness and diet) takes time. It takes effort and it's difficult to manage... It's very, very difficult to start and focus on anything that's good for you.”

Kajol's weight loss

And, we must say all her efforts have paid up. She looks more radiant than ever. And although she never wanted to be a fashion icon, her complete transformation is definitely making her one.

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With her interesting choice of colours, cuts and style, Kajol is now making heads turn at every event. Kajol is one actress who is getting better and better with age in terms of fashion and style and we just love the new her. Want do you think? Do write your views in the comment box below.    

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