Style Tips For Baraatis To Wear Black And White At Weddings


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Style Tips For Baraatis To Wear Black And White At Weddings

When in doubt LBDs and LWDs are the safest choices for any special occasion. But, what about weddings? A western wear or anything in plain black or white is definitely a big ‘NO’. So, what do you do if you really want to wear something in black or white?

Well, keep your eyes glued to the screen as we show you different ways you can wear these two colours just the right way at any wedding!

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#1. Accents of gold


Nothing looks more regal or festive than a colour combination of black and gold or white and gold. When on its own, the golden shade can be way too much for a guest at the wedding, but an accent of gold on black or white outfit is absolutely perfect for the joyous occasion.


So, look for outfits that are infused with gold embroideries like zardosi, antique work or pearl work to stand apart in the sea of colours. To avoid too much of bling, go light on the jewellery, a statement earring in gold or arm full of stacked bangles are the best ways to complete the look.

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#2. Contrast colours


Both black and white pair very well with bold and bright colours. If you are planning to wear an anarkali suit to an Indian wedding, look for ones that have hems or bodice in a completely contrasting shade like fuchsia pink, yellow, red or orange. It would instantly transform the severe looking black/white into an ornate piece of art.


And, if you are looking for a fusion wear, then wear bright-coloured bottoms to uplift the mood of the outfit. For sarees, you can choose those that have a bright-coloured contrast border. Pair your outfit with jewellery in either polki or imitation with stones, matching the colour of your outfit’s border. Wear bright-coloured strappy high heels or sandals according to your comfort in order to complete the entire look.

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#3. Prints and patterns


Floral prints, tribal prints or any other sort of prints and patterns on a black/white outfit would suck up its starkness. Try a black or white based printed outfit, which is quite a trend this season for the wedding. Choose an outfit that has prints all over in bolder colours so the base colour of the outfit is less apparent.


You can also go for an outfit that has black prints on white or vice versa. Again, match your jewellery and shoes with the colour that is most prominent in your chosen outfit, and when there is a doubt go for black or white accessories to complete the look.

#4. Saree borders with contrasting colours


You can choose a black or white saree in this style with different colours on the pallu or the pleats. For example, a black saree with a pink-coloured pallu is an excellent way to wear black at a wedding.


Since you are going to be attending a wedding, you can opt for shoes in metallic colours like gold or silver, or look for shoes that have crystal or bead work on them. Jazz up your look with gold jewellery and opt for a clutch in muted tones as you would not want to draw the attention away from your saree.

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#5. Accessories


Enhance your all black or all white look with statement jewellery and accessories. Wear a bright-coloured dupatta like tangerine, yellow, green, blue or red with golden or silver zari work, mirror work or phulkari work to break the monotony, and transform a drab outfit apt for attending a wedding.


You can also wear statement jewellery in bold neon colours. With black/white sarees or lehengas, you can choose a choli that’s bright in colour or something heavily metallic. Or, if it's a suit, then you can go for something like heavy dupatta. 

Some cardinal rules to follow with black and white outfits in a traditional Indian wedding:

  • Wear a white outfit for the day event or summer weddings.
  • Wear black for night functions or winter weddings.
  • Remember to match the colour of your jewellery with that of the work on your outfit.
  • Never ever attend a wedding in an all-white or all black ensemble no matter how beautiful it looks.
  • Go for bolder lips.
  • Take care not to end up over-accessorising your outfit.

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So ladies, next time we hope you would know what to do if you want to wear a black or white outfit to a wedding. There’s nothing wrong in wearing these colours at a wedding. All you need to know is the right way to wear them coupled with all the glitz and glamour that is needed to attend a wedding.