Splitsvilla Star Subuhi Joshi's Friends Had Always Warned Her About Ex-Sidharth Sagar, Here's Why

Subuhi Joshi opened up about her life after a bitter breakup with ex-fiance, Sidharth Sagar and work. Also find out why Subuhi's friends used to warn her about Sidharth.


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Splitsvilla Star Subuhi Joshi's Friends Had Always Warned Her About Ex-Sidharth Sagar, Here's Why

If you believe in the working of the karma, be rest assured that whoever comes into your life is due to huge karmic retribution. When you come across certain people in life who have done more harm to you than good, it is important to find ways to leave the surrounding steadily. And these two now estrange lovebirds, Splistivilla 6 contestant, Subuhi Joshi and her comedian ex-beau, Sidharth Sagar did exactly the same. (Do Read: Aryan Khan's Cosy Dance With Mystery Girl, Fans Wonder If She's His Blogger GF Whom Gauri Approved)

Quite a known face of the telly town, Sidharth Sagar had disappeared from the limelight when he went through substance abuse, depression and family woes. The 26-year-old young comedian was in a relationship with Sony TV’s Ye Unn Dinon Ki Baat Hai actress, Subuhi Joshi for a long time, but in 2014 they had called off their relationship because of Sidharth’s mother disapproving of Subuhi. However, they had decided to work things out and got back together in 2018 and had even gotten engaged in November 2018 only to break ties yet again on a very bad note.

Subuhi Joshi And Comedian Sidharth Sagar

In a latest interview with The Times of India, Subuhi Joshi opened up about her life after a bitter breakup and work. Speaking about the same, she shared, “I have been just focusing on my health and work. My breakup taught me that one should never change oneself because of the other person. It also taught me to never go back to the things that had ended on a bad note once." Subuhi also added, “I think now I am going to be off relationships for a very long time. I gave so much in my last one that I don’t think I have anything left to give to another person right now. One should get into a relationship only after being ready for it and not because of loneliness.”

Subuhi Joshi

Subuhi Joshi, in a rather candid revelation, shared how her friends had always warned her about Sidharth Sagar. She stated, “I have always considered myself as a relationship person, but being single isn’t bad at all. I get to do a lot of things now, which I couldn’t do when I was in a relationship. I can finally give myself some love, care and importance. And the best thing is that I have got my old friends back. They had always warned me about Sidharth. After our breakup, I got back with them and it’s all good now.”

Subuhi Joshi with her friends

Talking about her professional life, Subuhi Joshi revealed, “90% of the people in the industry feel that actresses should be slim. My weight doesn’t have anything to do with my talent. I think our industry should be more accepting. There was a phase when I totally lost my confidence. I stopped going out, stopped auditioning, and stopped meeting people. When people say certain things to you about your appearance, you tend to take them seriously. And these comments affected me mentally.”

Subuhi Joshi

Subuhi Joshi once had shared about her breakup with fiancé, Sidharth Sagar and the consequences that led to it. She had stated, “When we separated in 2016, he blamed his mother for it. However, she wasn’t entirely responsible for what happened; I realised it only after staying with him post our engagement. The problem is with his attitude and behaviour, but I did try my best to save the relationship. I have seen his dark side; he loses his cool over petty issues and can get violent. Woh haath uthaata hai aur cheezein phekta hai.” (Must Read: Ram Kapoor And Wife, Gautami Kapoor Had Rejected 'Nach Baliye' Four Times Due To A Valid Reason)

Sidharth and Subuhi

Soon after her broken engagement with Sidharth Sagar, Subuhi Joshi had shared in an interview, how once, she had to get the help of police as he had physically abused her, “He was disturbed as he was going through a financial crunch. Besides fighting verbally, he would often raise his hand on me. In March, I called the cops after he hit me. I was taken to the hospital for a medical check-up and on our way to the police station, he kept crying saying, ‘Mujhse galti ho gayi, maaf kar de. I’ll never repeat it’. After seeing him cry, I told the cops to let him go. In hindsight, I feel that I made a huge mistake. He should have been behind bars.”

Sidharth and Subuhi

Subuhi Joshi had further added, “I would have liked to end this relationship on a cordial note, but Sidharth is an escapist. When he doesn’t want to face something, he runs away from it. This is exactly what he did with his mother. Now, he has disappeared on me. A few weeks ago, I messaged him about his creditors coming to my home, after which he blocked me on his phone and social media handles. His important documents also bear my residential address and I don’t want to take his responsibility now.”

Sidharth and Subuhi

Upon Subuhi Joshi’s allegation of physical abuse on Sidharth Sagar, the latter had narrated a completely different account in yet another interview. He had revealed, “I have been through a lot in life and still get pangs of depression. I realised that I didn’t have the tenacity to handle more ups and downs in the relationship. About the incident when she called the cops, we had an argument and she hit me first. My nose started bleeding. She wasn’t leaving me and in an attempt to release myself, I moved her away from me. She could have got hurt in that process. I fled the house forgetting my phone behind. When I came back to collect my phone, she had already called the cops. I could have done that, too, but I didn’t want the matter to escalate. I even told her to end the relationship that day, because it had reached an ugly stage. Given my mental state, it will take me some time to be fine. I would often tell her that I needed my space even if we were in a relationship, as that’s normal. But that, too, was an issue. As far as blocking her is concerned, she blocked me first. I did it later as I wanted some peace in my life.” (Also Read: Kartik Aaryan Protects Sara Ali Khan As They Get Mobbed By Fans In Lucknow, Video Inside)

Sidharth Sagar and Subuhi Joshi

As they say, all’s well that ends well, we hope that both Subuhi and Sidharth regain their peace of mind and stride forward in their individual paths.

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