Sushmita Sen Gave The Most Special Gift To Alisah On Her Birthday For Which She Waited For 5 Years

Sushmita Sen's younger daughter, Alisah Sen turned 10 on August 28, 2019. The doting mommy gave a special gift to her, for which she had waited for five years. Checkout!


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Sushmita Sen Gave The Most Special Gift To Alisah On Her Birthday For Which She Waited For 5 Years

Sushmita Sen is one gorgeous actress who is a single mother to two beautiful adopted girls. At the age of 25 when every girl is ambitious and follows her dreams, Sushmita had taken a bold step by adopting her first daughter, Renee Sen. And later, in the year 2010, she had welcomed another ‘gift’ of her life, Alisah Sen. (You May Like: 'Mahadev' Actress Neha Kaul Chooses Hebrew Name For Newborn, Shares Baby's First Complete Picture)

Sushmita has given all the love and motherly affection to both the girls and she has been shelling out some major #MotherDaughterGoals. Lately, when Alisah had turned a year older, Sushmita seemed to be super-happy. Now, the actress-mom gave a special birthday gift to her. Also, to let everyone know, Sushmita is currently dating a model, Rohman Shawl, and if the rumours are to be believed, they might tie the knot anytime soon!

Sushmita Sen

Now, Sushmita Sen took to her official Instagram handle and shared a few lovely videos of Alisah learning scuba diving. In the caption, Sush informed that Alisah had waited for this day for five long years and her first scuba diving lesson is a birthday gift for her. Her caption could be read as, “To the bravest 10-year-old I know & take pride in being her mother!! This is what I gifted her for her 10th birthday. Alisah was only 5 yrs old when Renee & I got certified as PADI Open Water Scuba Diver, and she was most annoyed that the minimum age for scuba diving was 10 yrs old. She waited 5 birthdays for this day!!! And of course, did her first scuba dive in the Maldives, just like her Maa & sister.” (Also Read: Geeta Phogat And Pawan Kumar Saroha Are Expecting First Child, 'KKK 8' Contestants Congratulate Them)

Sushmita Sen

She further penned, “SHE WAS AMAZING, logging in 41 minutes & 9 meters/ 29 feet in the Indian Ocean. My #godchild @aaliyahsenb8 age 16yrs old also did her first scuba dive with Alisah & I couldn’t be prouder of both my incredible babies!!! Thank you, Naveen & Hussain, for being the most amazing instructors my kids could ever have hoped for, to go past all fears & DIVE!!! HAPPYYYYY BIRTHDAY ALISAH!!! #sharing #training #scubadiving #padi #maldives #birthdaygirl #proudmom. I love you guys!!!!” Checkout the videos here (swipe right):



In another post of hers, Sushmita shared videos of herself as she learnt skin diving. She worded her post as, “Learning to Skin Dive at 43!!! It’s never too late for anything or anyone, a single step...a leap of faith, is all that is needed to get started, the rest naturally follows!! I kept diving into the ocean until I learned to dance my way back up!!! Thank you, Hussain Hassam, for teaching me the strength of a single breath!! #dancingsunrays #oceanic #peace #meditation #indianocean #maldives #breathtaking #experience #skindive #cherished I love you guys!! #duggadugga.” Take a look at the videos (swipe right again):



It was on August 28, 2019, that Alisah had turned a year older and entered the double digits of her age as she had turned 10. The happiest mommy had posted a lovely solo picture of an all-smiling Alisah along with the caption that could be read as “We enter double digits!!!! Happppyyyyy 10th Birthday to the love of my life!!! May God bless this gift called ‘Alisah’ with the best of health, happiness & the courage to be more of herself!!! I love you my Shona Maa!!! We are 10!!!! yessssssss!!! #duggadugga I love you guys!!!!”


In a chat with the India Today, Sushmita had shared why she dropped out of films after adopting Alisah. The former Miss Universe clarified that she couldn’t be there for her elder daughter, Renee, but wanted to be with Alisah. She had also shared that her thought of looking towards motherhood changed when she had adopted Alisah. In the actress’ own words, "I know that people say that your best years are your youthful years where you can do films and you look younger etc. I asked myself, 'If I don't do films right now and I focus on this, will I regret it? And if I choose to not be with Alisah and go do films, which one would I regret more?' It was a no-brainer for me. It's not just seeing their first step or first word, that I missed out for Renee. It's their personality development, to witness who they are becoming. I did not sponsor a child. I became a mother. There is a very big difference.” (Do Check: Exclusive Pictures Of Shloka Mehta And Akash Ambani Doing Ganesh Aarti Along With Ambani Family)

Sushmita Sen, Renee and Alisah

Further revealing how she had looked at motherhood after her second daughter’s adoption, Sush had remarked, "I thought that I have to keep making money, keep paying the bills. My approach to motherhood with Renee was more like a father - the provider. I didn't have the time to be the provider and the nurturer because there was just so much work to do. I literally had her in a sack, with Chi Chi (Govinda) and David Dhawan holding her on the sets, and I'm giving my shot! I worked like that because I wanted to stay close to her, the best I could.”

Sushmita Sen Gift For Her Daughter Alisah On Her 9th Birthday

Good job, Alisah! We are waiting for more of your scuba diving videos. What do you say, guys?

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