Swara Bhasker Claims Bollywood Has Made Her Appear Like An 'Untouchable', Says, 'There Is A Fear'

Swara Bhasker narrates how people in the film industry are fearful about casting her. She added how her strong opinions led her to get labelled as untouchable.


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Swara Bhasker Claims Bollywood Has Made Her Appear Like An 'Untouchable', Says, 'There Is A Fear'

Swara Bhasker is one such actress who has never really fretted away from speaking her mind. Not just with her unconventional choice of work on the celluloid, the diva is also labelled as one with a sharp point of view, and never afraid to call a spade, a spade. Furthermore, she also grabbed headlines for several of her challenging takes in her life, be it getting hitched to a man from a different faith to celebrating Eid without causing any harm to the animals. However, it seems that her frank nature has costed significantly over her career, and in a recent interview, she spoke about the same.

Swara Bhasker reveals her social media account cost impacted her career adversely

In a recent interaction with Connect Cine, Swara Bhasker opened up about how her social media account, especially that on Twitter (now known as X), adversely impacted her career. The diva, who has frequently created a whirlwind on the internet over her startling opinions and viewpoints, has also been slammed with criticism on them, from those who don’t agree on it. However, Swara remarked that such a controversial life of hers impacted her getting opportunities in films, since people thought her to be like an untouchable. Swara explained:

“If there was anything in the world that was most expensive for me, it was my Twitter account because it cost me my career, in a sense. For a lot of producers, I am untouchable in the industry and these are not my words, these are the words of my well-wishers, producer, director friends who have called me up and told me. People tell me that we wanted to cast you but the studio heard your name and said no. They are like ‘no, controversies happen’. I don’t know what is the fear but there is a fear.”

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Swara shares how her well-wishers have pointed out that she has done the wrong thing

Speaking along the same lines, Swara then mentioned how amidst all the hatred that comes her way over her controversial statements, there have been a few people who have shown genuine concern and have, in fact, corrected her for being foolish. The actress talked about some of her own team members, who have advised her a lot of times to not be so up front with her opinions, since it led to an adverse impact on her career. In her words:

“There are a lot of people who keep saying that ‘you have done the wrong thing, you destroyed your career, why did you do this? It was very foolish of you’, including often your own team. People who love you, and they are coming from a place of concern. They are your well-wishers so they are feeling bad looking at you. Like my brother, he is my biggest supporter and he gets the most angry too that an actor of your calibre shot herself in the foot.”


When Swara claimed that her political opinions affected her film career

In another segment of the same interview, Swara talked about how her inclination towards politics has also considerably impacted her professional career as an actress. She expressed feeling reputational anxiety, and added that filmmakers have unanimously tagged her as a controversial personality. Moreover, Swara revealed feeling hurt, as she hasn’t got sufficient opportunities to achieve more in her most-loved field of acting.

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Swara Bhasker candid revelations on dealing with postpartum depression

Coming to her personal life, Swara Bhasker is happily married to Samajwadi Party leader and the man of her dreams, Fahad Ahmed. The couple recently got promoted as parents with the arrival of their daughter, Raabiya. Previously, during a heartfelt confession with ETimes, the diva talked about her challenges with postpartum depression and expressed:

“Postpartum depression is personal and unique to each person. The degrees are different, the experience is singular. Its one of those experiences that unless you’ve been through it, there is actually no way of understanding what it is and what it does to you. I am only eight months postpartum so I’m in the throes of adapting to this new life, new body, new soul and new me. I haven’t isolated myself.”


What are your views on Swara Bhasker’s revelations?

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