Taha Shah Badussha Backs His 'Heeramandi' Co-Star, Sharmin Segal On Criticism 'She's Given Her Best'

Taha Shah Badussha, a.k.a 'Tajdar Baloch' from 'Heeramandi' supports his co-star, Sharmin Segal over the criticism she got for her performance in the series.


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Taha Shah Badussha Backs His 'Heeramandi' Co-Star, Sharmin Segal On Criticism 'She's Given Her Best'

Taha Shah Badussha created magic with his performance in the recent Netflix show, Heeramandi with his role as the Nawab, ‘Tajdar Baloch’. So exemplary and soul-touching was his portrayal that within a short while of time, he was unanimously helmed as the internet’s newest man crush. In the series, Taha was paired opposite to Sharmin Segal, who enacted the role of ‘Alamzeb’. Unlike his performance receiving endless appreciation, the latter wasn’t able to hit the mark and instead got flaked by the audience, who commented that she lacked in expressions and dialogue delivery.

Taha Shah Badussha comes out in support of Sharmin Segal over criticism she faced

In a recent conversation with Zoom, Taha Shah Badussha commented about the ongoing rounds of criticism against his Heeramandi co-star, Sharmin Segal for her apparently terrible performance in comparison to the rest of the cast. In retrospect, Taha supported Sharmin and claimed that she did give her very best into the series, but at the end of the day, she is a newcomer to the industry and only two films old. While Taha remarked the audience’s verdict is dynamic and unpredictable, nonetheless, he had a great time working with her. Taha said:

“Sharmin has only done two films, and her method involves keeping it subtle. Having worked with her, I know she’s given her best as an actor. I didn’t anticipate receiving this much love and appreciation for my role, hence the audience can be quite unpredictable to be honest. As far as Sharmin and her performance are concerned, I’ve literally lived with her on the sets. She was always punctual and tried to do her best. How it comes off to the audience, is a different ball game and I can’t comment on them. But I know that she has got a great heart. She was always present on the set and as an actor, that’s what you all need.”

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Taha slams comparing Sharmin’s performance and skills with Manisha Koirala

While the cinephiles have left no stone unturned to compare Sharmin Segal’s underperformance with that of the other ladies in the star cast, such as Manisha Koirala, Taha Shah has a completely different take on it. He claimed how such comparisons were unfair, since Sharmin is a newcomer and Manisha Koirala has been a veteran of experiences in the craft. Adding how he trusts Sharmin to work on her skills, Taha said:

“Manisha ma’am has worked with the best of the best directors and best of the best actors. People learn over time. If the audience has found fault in Sharmin, she will do even better. I know she wants to and is eager to learn.”


Taha Shah opens up about his work experience with senior actresses like Manisha Koirala and Farida Jalal

In the concluding segment of the interview, Taha Shah Badussha then narrated his experience of working with stalwart actresses like Manisha Koirala and Farida Jalal. Talking about the former, he credited her seriousness during her performance, and added how Manisha doesn’t even laugh for a minute while in her role. Speaking about Farida Jalal, who played his grandmother in the series, Taha recounted how the veteran actress was simply a bundle of joy to work with. In his words:

“She held onto her character. She is very serious and doesn’t even laugh when in her character. When she came to the set with her mom and she said that she liked my acting. The scene, where I meet her to ask her for Alamzeb’s hand in marriage, was done twice. She was quite a sport while doing the scene. Farida ji was a bundle of joy, a true soldier. Despite her age and health challenges, she never gave up. She shared the story of her late husband and soulmate with me. Every time she spoke of him, she cried. She believes he’s waiting for her above.”

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When Taha Shah recalled getting scammed to pay money during his initial auditions with fraudulent companies

Previously, in an interaction with Instant Bollywood, Taha Shah Badussha opened up about the challenges he faced initially, as he logged around giving auditions at various places, in order to land in some work. He remarked how there were several times when he fell under the trap of fraudulent casting companies, who would scam him and extort money, in the fake promise of auditions and roles.


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