Tere Bin Fame, Sabeena Farooq Praises Indians Viewers And Shares An Incident Where She Outshined SRK

'Haya' from 'Tere Bin' revealed that Indian audiences are superior to Pakistanis as they understand art and culture better. She also shares an incident where she and the cast rejoiced, outshining SRK.


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Tere Bin Fame, Sabeena Farooq Praises Indians Viewers And Shares An Incident Where She Outshined SRK

Tere Bin actress, Sabeena Farooq, who easayed the role of 'Haya' in the drama, became an overnight sensation in Pakistan and India after the drama aired. Tere Bin was a massive success, and Sabeena Farooq's acting prowess was highly appreciated. However, she also had to face the brunt of portraying the role of a vamp and subsequently received extreme hate. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that Indian audiences are better than Pakistanis.   

Sabeena Farooq also shared that she felt incredibly proud of herself when Indian audiences chose her over SRK and still feels like that it is the biggest achievement of her life. While there are several successful actors in Bollywood, there indeed isn't anyone like Shah Rukh Khan. The Baadshah of Bollywood has, time and again, proven that he is the reigning king of the industry and outshining him in India is definitely an achievement. 

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Sabeena Farooq shared that she received more love from India than from Pakistan

Sabeena Farooq appeared in Maliha Rehman's talk show, One-On-One, where she revealed that her drama, Tere Bin was a massive hit in Pakistan and that the Indian audience perceived the drama better than Pakistanis ever did. She revealed that the amount of hate she received in Pakistan was unimaginable for essaying a negative role, however, from India, she received only love. She further added:

"Waha ke log samjhte hai kaam ko. Unlogo ne Haya ke character ko own kia hai, like a good character, you know, like a character that was played well by somebody."

Sabeena Farooq also revealed that people in India understand the difference between reel and real and appreciate art and culture. She divulged that though there is a cultural difference between India and Pakistan, the people from India have put effort into understanding the culture and art of their neighbours and appreciated such nuances that have even shocked her. Sabeena Farooq further added:

"Those people are unbelievable, in the sense ki woh log culture itna samjhte hai, kaam itna samjhte hai, who art itna samjhte hai. And that is why projects like these work there as well."

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Sabeena Farooq revealed that she and the entire cast of Tere Bin was overjoyed after outshining Shah Rukh Khan

In the same interview, the host, Maliha Rehman, revealed that one weekend, Tere Bin was still at number 1 trending on Indian YouTube despite Shah Rukh Khan releasing a song from his movie, Pathaan. Sabeena then revealed that the entire cast of Tere Bin was thrilled at this moment and hoped that now even Shah Rukh Khan would come to know about them. Fangirling over Shah Rukh Khan, Sabeena added:

“Shah Rukh Khan ko abh pata toh chal hi gaya hoga ki humlog kaun hai. Ek dafa dekha toh hoga unhone beith ke ki kaun hai yeh log? Chalo Shah Rukh Khan ne ek dafa dekha toh hoga.”

You can watch the video here.

Let us know your views on Sabeena Farooq's revelations on the Indian audience. 

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