The Royal Bengal 'Mangalsutra' By Sabyasachi Mukherjee Is A Go-To Choice For The Millennial Brides

Royal Bengal Mangalsutra collection by Sabyasachi Mukherjee is changing the face of millennial bridal jewellery.


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The Royal Bengal 'Mangalsutra' By Sabyasachi Mukherjee Is A Go-To Choice For The Millennial Brides

For a woman, jewellery plays a crucial role because she has to wear it on multiple occasions and out of all the jewellery, her mangalsutra design is on the top of her list. A mangalsutra is the sacred thread that a groom ties around a bride's neck at their wedding. It defines that woman is married and wears the mangalsutra in the name of her husband. A string of gold and black beads carries great importance and value in the life of married Hindu women. Mangalsutra symbolises the marital bliss of a married couple.

Today, women are driven by the latest trends and like being up to date. They have become independent, and most of them are sometimes hesitant of wearing heavy traditional mangalsutra with all their outfits. Therefore, the designs of mangalsutra have also changed over the years. This is why we have listed out The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra Collection by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, which is a blend of traditional and modern styles. Take a look.

Black onyx-pearl mangalsutra


Sabyasachi Jewellry launched a mangalsutra called the Royal Bengal Mangalsutra 1.2. This mangalsutra is unlike the traditional mangalsutra. It is made from onyx and pearls. The unique set is made in 18k gold and features a black and golden beaded chain. This mangalsutra comes for the price of Rs. 1,65,000.

Coral-pearl mangalsutra


This mangalsutra is a combination of traditional and modern styles. The set has been made from corals and pearls in 18k gold. The thread is embedded with black and golden beads with a tiger face featuring in the pendant. The set also features three beautiful red corals fixed in between the pearls. The set costs Rs. 1,65,000.

Black onyx-pearls and black enamel mangalsutra


Made with black onyx and pearls, the iconic mangalsutra has been made from 18k gold. It has Sabyasachi’s patent royal Bengal tiger face with black and golden beads. This mangalsutra comes for the price of Rs. 1,98,000.

Coral-pearls and black enamel mangalsutra


Crafted with creativity and perfection, this masterpiece has been made in 18k gold with corals, pearls and black enamel. It has a beautiful beaded chain and a tiger-faced pendant, which consists of an intricate pearl design. The coral and pearl mangalsutra costs Rs. 1,98,000.

Diamond and Zambian emerald mangalsutra


Made with brilliant-cut diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, Zambian emeralds and rubies set in 18K gold is the Royal Bengal Mangalsutra. This mangalsutra is rather different from the black and gold beaded ones we have seen on brides. The mangalsutra has Sabyasachi’s patent royal Bengal tiger face with the trendiest diamond design. This unique set costs Rs. 1,98,500. The Indian wrestler, Babita Kumari Phogat, flaunted the same mangalsutra, with her orange ensemble. Even, Priyanka Chopra Jonas had got a diamond mangalsutra customised from Sabyasachi jewellery.

Which mangalsutra would you opt for out of the Royal Bengal Mangalsutra collection?

Image Credits: Sabyasachi Official