Karwa Chauth 2022: What To Keep In 'Sargi Thali', Rituals, Shubh Muhurat, Moon Sighting Time

Here is the curated list of components that should not be missed from the 'sargi thali' during the Karwa Chauth festival. Moreover, check out the 'brahma muhurat' for consuming the same in 2022.


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Karwa Chauth 2022: What To Keep In 'Sargi Thali', Rituals, Shubh Muhurat, Moon Sighting Time

Isn't it amazing how Indian cultures play a vital role in bringing family members close to each other, and the medium is none other than the beautiful festivals? Karwa Chauth is one of such auspicious festivals in India which keeps great significance in the lives of every married woman. Women across the nation keep nirjala vrat for the well-being of their husbands and prosperity in their lives. However, the ritual begins a day before Karwa Chauth when the married woman is gifted with baya (a gift filled with clothes, jewellery and sweets) from her mother and a sargi thali (filled with eatables) by her mother-in-law.

It is believed that in this way, the women bond with each other and the saasu maas bless their bahus for a successful life ahead. But what about the first-time mothers-in-law or daughters-in-law, how to identify what to keep and what not to in the sargi thali? Thus, here is a curated list of items which should never be missed out from the thali and also the special timing of consuming it in 2022.

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What is Sargi?

Karva Chauth Rituals

To ensure the longevity of their suhaag, married women keep day-long fasts for their husbands from sunrise to moonrise on the 'chauth' day of the dark fortnight in the Kartik month every year. And throughout the day, they perform various kinds of pujas and wait for the moon to rise and break their fast. But before sunrise, they begin the ritual by bathing in holy water and getting dressed up in beautiful red-and-yellow-hued ensembles. Afterwards, during the Brahma muhurat, they eat from this sargi thali, which is prepared by their dearest mothers-in-law. And in this way, the two ladies of a family bond with each other and become one another's strength.

What to keep in the sargi thali?

It should include the following:

1) Dry fruits

Dry fruits like kaju, kismis, almond, akhrot, cashews and pistachios should definitely be one of the prominent components of the sargi. It is due to this reason that dry fruits come with packed-up nutrients like fibre and protein. In addition, dry fruits have good fats, which help in giving energy throughout the fasting day. 

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2) Fresh Fruits

Fresh and seasonal fruits like bananas, apples, pomegranates and pineapples are also some of the must include items in sargi thali. Coming to their nutritional values, fresh fruits are filled with dietary fibre and potassium and are a rich source of iron, helping the ladies provide a backup of nutrients in the day-long fasting. Besides, fresh fruits have high water content, which help in giving the fasting women complete hydration throughout the day.

3) Sweets

Can any Indian puja be complete without the addition of sweets? Thus, sweets should be part and parcel of Karwa Chauth's sargi thali too. It is believed that milk-based Indian sweets or mithai give the energy and purity of mind essential to sustain throughout the day.

4) Coconut water

Coconut water is said to be one of the most important natural component that should be a part of every fasting. Moreover, not only fasting, it also helps to rejuvenate the lost energy after a hectic day. How? Coconut water maintains the electrolytes level of the body and thus fulfils the water need. Undoubtedly, we get to know its importance in the sargi thali too.

5) Light-Cooked Foods

Light-cooked meals like vermicelli with veggies or sweet vermicelli with milk, halwa, mathris, a light roti or paratha, a simple sabji, paneer, etc can also be consumed. These meals will make you feel full for a longer period of time and also be not too heavy to digest. Along with this, if the things are made with ghee, then its antioxidants will help in making the skin glow on this special day. 

6) Tea/Juice/Lassi

Apart from the coconut water, tea/juice/lassi can also be consumed along with the other components of the sargi but a proper interval should always be maintained. Along with it, Kesar Pheni/ Feeni/ Fenia in milk can also be consumed. All of these provide a calcium source and help in keeping the body hydrated. Moreover, the Kesar helps control the appetite since it is insulin friendly, protects the individual from the oncoming winter season, and gives radiant skin.

Sargi Muhurat for Karwa Chauth 2022

The Karwa Chauth fast will be kept on October 13, 2022, from sunrise to moonrise. And the sun is about to set approximately after 17:53. Thus, sargi should be consumed from around 4-5 o'clock before sunrise in the Brahma Muhurta. And the Brahma Muhurta on October 13, 2022, will be from 04.46 AM - 05.36 AM.

Things to keep in mind before consuming sargi or beginning the Karwa Chauth ritual

However, there are certain things which should be followed while consuming the sargi:

#1. The married women must take a bath, go to the temple and worship the God and Goddesses by lighting a diya and doing a small prayer.

#2. The sequence of consuming the items should be like this: first, the paratha, tea and paneer sabji, then the fresh fruits, then some coconut water. Lastly, some milk-based sweets and dry fruits.

#3. Try to avoid consuming oily-spicy things as this may create indigestion.

#4. Keep yourself busy throughout the day to avoid hunger cramps.

#5. After having the food, a short walk is a must to avoid bloating and indigestion.

Well, we hope the list of items will help you prepare the sargi thali in a proper manner.

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