7 Things All The 'Bahus' Secretly Say About Their 'Sasu Maa' When She Is Not Around


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7 Things All The 'Bahus' Secretly Say About Their 'Sasu Maa' When She Is Not Around

When a girl gets married, she knows that there is one person in whose good books she has to make that 'extra' effort to enter- her mother-in-law. Yes the mere mention of “mother-in-law” is enough to trigger hours of gossip and discussion, especially when a newly married girl meets her best friends!

Well, when we overheard a group of daughters-in-law going on and on, gossiping about their moms-in-law, we tried to match that with many conversations we have had with some of our married friends. And, guess what? We realised that most of them just say the same thing, over and over again!

Yes, things that some of them say are "Oh! So serious" that it makes us feel like wiping their tears off, and some are "Oh! So (hilariously) typical" that they make us wipe our tears rolling down with laughter. But, hey! We don't want to be the only judge out here. Take a look for yourself, and tell us whose tears you are going to be wiping.

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#1. Her daughter can do it, but I can't

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Remember Salman Khan's song, Main karoon toh S*@#!! character dheela hai? Yes, that is how this is. The daughter-in-law can be serving the entire family on one foot, but the moment daughter dearest enters the scene, everything else is forgotten. Her daughter's rajma and chicken tikka can make Sanjeev Kapoor look pale, her devotion towards her in-laws can put Tulsi (from Kyunki...) to shame, and her sweetness can make red chilli powder look like jaggery! And, what is left for the "poor" daughter-in-law to do... just listen, quietly.

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#2. She wants him to be her baby forever

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It never ends at, "Hayye mera raja beta" or "aa gaya mera lal", and that is what most daughters-in-law complain about. Things can go as sweet as wiping his running nose to picking up his socks and washing his underwear (Dear, daughters-in-law, please make a note that there is a difference between venting out frustration and giving out "too much information", and this one just crossed that!). So most daughters-in-law complain that their mothers-in-law just don't know when to take the bibs off.

Our Advice: Daughters-in-law should watch Raja Babu, to see how far things can go at times!

#3. I think she suffers from a split personality disorder

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Most of you can't even imagine how many daughters-in-law would vouch for this. Some around us have cribbed about how their mothers-in-law behave differently when they are alone with them, and when with their sons. The moment her son comes around, saasu maa becomes the bechari superwoman running around cooking, cleaning, ironing clothes, packing lunch boxes, and doing everything possible for her raja beta. But, wait! The moment her boy turns his back, the superwoman saas turns into a queen who just sits on her throne ordering and overseeing (and, criticising) what the bahu is doing. And, that is another topic that daughters-in-law just can't get enough of!

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#4. She manages everything so much more perfectly than I can ever

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All mothers-in-law are great at managing their households and their families, and none of us can ever deny that. And, we respect them for that too! So, whenever a daughter-in-law cribs about how her mom-in-law doesn't leave a single chance to make her realise this, most of us say "so what"? And, just one counter question from the daughter-in-law leaves us silent- For how many years has she being doing that exactly? Yes, one has to agree, experience comes with time and years. And, so it does make a valid point to be gossiping about, right? So, talk on!

#5 Why do I have to cook exactly the way she does?

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Her husband loves it, her in-laws loved it, and even her son loves it, but does that mean even her successor has to do things the same way? We are talking about the daughters-in-law taking over the household duties from their sweet moms-in-law. "Just because everyone loved mummyji's spicy chole and bhindi, why do I have to make it the same way?" is something that newly married girls can't resist talking about.

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#6. Everything has to have a dash of sarcasm

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"Tumne toh yeh suna hi nahi hoga na beta, isliye baata rahi thi", says a daughter-in-law while mimicking her mother-in-law's way of giving suggestions; and another one jumps in to agree, and add, "tumhare ghar mein aisa hota hoga, humare family mein aise nahi hota, beta" is her saasu maa's way of ending all discussions. Yes, daughters-in-law just can't get a grasp of their mothers-in-law's ‘not-so-subtle’ sarcasm, and that gives them and their friends hours to talk about!

#7. Her son has apparently ‘changed’ after marriage

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Now, you might not believe this, but we did hear one daughter-in-law talk about how her mom-in-law feels that she has done some kaala jaadu (black magic) on her son, which is why he has changed so much after marriage! Some mothers-in-law are convinced that their raja betas turn into joru ke ghulams, after marriage. And, that is another point to give their bahus endless gossip-worthy moments.

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A newly married woman's meetings with her friends are probably the most entertaining ones! All new experiences, with inputs from other married (and, even unmarried) friends, only make this session more fun.

P.S.: We are a heterogeneous group that doesn't believe in siding with any of the two parties in question. But do leave your comments to tell us what more do daughters-in-law (or mothers-in-law) gossip about. Also, if you come to think of anything that sons-in-law talk about with their friends, then do share those with us, because we overheard a group of sons-in-law gossiping too, but more on that later!