6 Best Tips To Let You Enjoy Christmas Parties Without Worrying About Your Health


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6 Best Tips To Let You Enjoy Christmas Parties Without Worrying About Your Health

“All good things come with a price”, and all those Christmas cakes and nosh are asking for your good health! Fight this heavier and loaded side of Christmas with your angelic plans that will lead to good health. Because if you do not, and continue indulging in heavy eating, Santa will no more be the only one with a big belly.

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If you are thinking why you need health-boosting ideas for Christmas, here is to remind you that this festival is a 15-day indulgence, unlike Thanksgiving! Also, an average person gains 1-5 pounds during Christmas and New Year season. So, here are some incredible tips for you to have a healthy Christmas.

#1. Refrain from overindulgence

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Overindulgence is the biggest sin on Christmas. Nutritious food has already taken the backseat and the seductions of all the sweet and 'bad health stuff' like eggnog, latkes, rolls and butter, mashed potatoes, fudge, pie, and the whole series of cakes sit afore. The least we can do is, put a stop to overindulgence. Learn to say no to the temptations of piling on the grubs that can later add so much fat to our body. And, if not for a good shape, do this for a happy heart and healthy liver.

#2. Do not skip breakfast

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Skipping breakfast is likely to have a reverse effect on us, then what we expect it to do. Doing this is likely to leave you hunting for titbits with huge amounts of calories to eat. This will supply you with more calories than what you were trying to miss through your breakfast. Secondly, for a healthy life, it is essential to have three meals a day. For breakfast, you can have oatmeal, broccoli, English muffins and eggs, vegetables, or porridge, as this is the earliest meal of your day.

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#3. Keep yourself hydrated

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Most of us tend to reduce the intake of water with the coming of winters. But, keeping yourself hydrated is the secret to good health. All toxins get washed out, and you remain healthy. Fluid intake is even more crucial because you are going to party hard and there will be hangovers. It will help you fight the side effects and attain your health back, even after long indulgences. Remember, drinks like tea, coffee, green tea etc. count in when we talk about hydration. You can also keep a glass of water near your bed, and start your day with it. A glass of water on an empty stomach can do miracles in keeping your insides clean.

#4. Snares of the snacks

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Snacks, especially the ones that you are going to get at the Christmas party will do no good to you. If you are a party planner, it will be nice on your part to find health-friendly snacks. There are good alternatives to those canapés, cheeseboards, buffet, and the sweet treats like cheesecakes. Like, you can rather serve your guests with banana slices, yoghurt, smoked salmon, salted nuts, hammed potatoes, hash and bacon cakes, glasses of juice, healthy eggs, and chips. And, raise a toast to everyone’s good health! If you are just a hardcore partier, nibble sensibly. Do not let yourself loose on snacks that will add pounds to you.

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#5. Christmas Eve drinks

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This is the most sensitive part, and people most often tend to lose control on this one. Cutting down on your meals to splurge on drinks is a bad idea. You gain more calories and lose your health. Also, it is suggested that you stick to one kind of drink, as this will reduce the levels of chemical by-products in your blood. Also, drink slowly and gradually to avoid over-drinking and menacing with your health. Indulge in one glass an hour, and keep drinking juices and water in between.

#6. Post-Christmas planning

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Party is over! Move on to a normal diet right from the next day of Christmas. This is more to keep yourself in good shape and your health in pink. Eggs are the best pick for breakfast on the next day of heavy partying! The best idea is to eat some veggies like spinach with sprinkled pepper and chilli. And if nothing else, you can make yourself a smoothie to recover from the hangovers of an overindulgent, diet and drinking on Christmas.

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This is Christmas time! It is good to be your own Santa, and gift yourself good health this year. Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!