Try Eating What These Bollywood Celebrities Have In Their Breakfast For Daily Healthy Start


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Try Eating What These Bollywood Celebrities Have In Their Breakfast For Daily Healthy Start

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A hearty morning meal helps you to kick-start your day with full energy along with keeping you fit and healthy. And this is one rule which even your favourite Bollywood celebrities abide by. No matter how busy their schedule is, they make sure the first meal of their day is healthy and fulfilling. Eager to know what all tinsel town stars have in their breakfast? Then we have the answer for you. Just scroll down and know all about it.

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Priyanka Chopra

Breakfast Of Bollywood Celebrities

With her Bollywood and Hollywood projects, Priyanka Chopra is surely one of the busiest stars of the showbiz but despite her hectic schedule she never skips her breakfast. The actress is a self-confessed foodie but prefers to eat simple and a balanced morning meal to keep herself energized for rest of her day. 

Her breakfast includes- 2 egg whites or oatmeal with a glass of skimmed milk.

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Speaking about her eating habit the actress said:

“I believe that in order to stay fit and lose weight in a right manner, one needs to eat and not starve. I eat right and ensure that I burn it all by working out equally as much as I eat.”

Katrina Kaif

Breakfast Of Bollywood Celebrities

Flawless skin and fit body of Katrina Kaif can make anybody jealous. Other than working out in the gym, the sultry actress starts her day with four glasses of water in the morning followed by a nutritious meal.

Her breakfast includes – Oatmeal or cereals, egg whites and a glass of fresh pomegranate juice.

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Speaking about her diet plan the star said:

“I try to eat right food at right time and in right quantities.”

John Abraham

Breakfast Of Bollywood Celebrities

For the handsome hunk, John Abraham, fitness is the only religion he knows. And to make sure he is always fit, vigilant and on his toes, who never misses his first meal of the day.

His breakfast includes - 6 egg whites, 4 slices of toast with butter, 10 almonds and a large glass of fruit juice.

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Speaking about his breakfast ritual the actor said

“Despite my hectic schedule, I always find time to have a healthy breakfast, so I just don’t buy the argument when people say they don't get time in the morning. Get up half an hour earlier, or prepare something the night before. Try to include eggs for protein and fruits for fructose. Having a decent breakfast ensures that you have enough energy to sustain you through the day. Your brain will also thank you as you will be more alert and your concentration will be better.”

Hrithik Roshan

Breakfast Of Bollywood Celebrities

The Greek God of Bollywood has a body to die for. Hrithik Roshan trains hard and eats right to get a lean physique that makes everyone drool over him. 

His breakfast includes – 4 egg whites, 2 brown loaves of bread, cornflakes with milk or protein shake and a platter of fresh fruit.

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Speaking about his eating mantra the star said:

“My food philosophy is simple. I eat every three hours and I eat a balanced meal. I’m particular about what I eat. I have a timetable. I eat only when I’m required to eat.”

Adding further he said:

“The truth is that when I have food inside me, I think better. I feel stronger and I last longer on my feet. We make a huge mistake when we starve ourselves. We forget to eat and then we take pride in saying that I haven’t eaten for eight hours. It’s the most foolish thing in the world. Because if you have food in your stomach, you have fuel and you work better. I’ve realised if you want to get better at something all you have to is to follow the simple rule – eat regularly.”

So, are you one of those who skips breakfast due to time issues or otherwise? If yes, then it is time to change this habit especially if you want a fit and healthy body like your favourite celebrities. A healthy and complete breakfast will keep you energised for rest of the day while skipping the meal will do harm than good in the long run. Thus, get inspired from these stars and make it a point to have a nutritious morning meal, do some exercise and stay fit. 

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