Two Ingredient Face Serums To Make At Home For All Skin Types, From Coconut Oil To Cinnamon Powder

Including a face serum to the usual skincare regime helps to add many good elements to the skin directly. Well then, check out these easy two-ingredient face serums, which can be made at home!


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Two Ingredient Face Serums To Make At Home For All Skin Types, From Coconut Oil To Cinnamon Powder

Face serums are indeed a helpful addition to regular skin care regimes, primarily because they allow the skin to intake the natural goodness more directly than any other cosmetic product might be able to do. In addition, they contain more active ingredients than any face washes, moisturisers or masks. In most cases, they help boost the collagen content of the skin, thereby tightening the skin. They also help to give off radiant skin and reveal a natural glow.

However, while so many cosmetic serums are available in the market, the ones that can be naturally made are proven more effective in some instances. And since each skin type might have different reasons for requiring a face serum, take a look at these two ingredient face serums that can be made at home and are suitable for all skin types.

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#1. Honey-lemon serum


People who constantly complain of being prone to blackheads on the skin, especially the ‘T’ zone, can try the honey-lemon serum at home. By mixing two tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice, you can land your hands on a natural face serum that helps pull out blackheads from their roots. It also controls excessive sebum production, reducing the chance of recurring blackheads.

#2. Coconut-turmeric serum


Having a dull skin has been a frequent issue faced and it does hamper the skin's natural glow. This is often a result of facing excessive pollution and tanning. A serum made out of coconut oil and turmeric powder is most helpful to cure this. It can be made at home by mixing one tablespoon of cold-pressed coconut oil with a pinch of turmeric powder. Coconut oil helps to nourish the damaged skin, whereas turmeric helps to give a natural glow.

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#3. Raw milk-tomato serum


An unlikely combination in itself, milk and tomato, when come together, can become a miraculous remedy for issues of large pores. Milk helps nourish and hydrate the skin, and the goodness of tomato helps to minimise pores and reduce tanning from the skin’s surface. It can be easily made at home by mixing two tablespoons of raw milk with one tablespoon of tomato juice.

#4. Aloe vera-turmeric serum


Aloe vera has a long list of goodness on our health, from head to toe. When blended with turmeric, this miraculous plant helps produce a natural face serum that works wonders for oily skin issues. Just rub in a pinch of turmeric powder on your palms and scoop in natural aloe vera gel from the plant. It will help to relieve the skin from excess oil and minimises pores for the same.

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#5. Honey-Cinnamon serum


Both honey and cinnamon form an integral part of many natural skincare products. However, when used as direct raw ingredients, they become a very effective face serum that deals with acne and acne-prone skin issues. With its anti-bacterial and moisturising properties, it helps to reduce acne significantly. It can be made by mixing equal quantities of honey and cinnamon and applied especially on active acne areas.

Well, which one of these serums would you add to your skin care routine?

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