Divya Agarwal's Boyfriend Varun Sood's Reaction On Her Reunion With Ex-Boyfriend Priyank Agarwal


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Divya Agarwal's Boyfriend Varun Sood's Reaction On Her Reunion With Ex-Boyfriend Priyank Agarwal

The complicated relationship of Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma has been the talk of the town for the past couple of months. Ever since Divya entered the Bigg Boss 11 house during one of the tasks and broke up with Priyank on national television, their love story has been like an open book. Currently, if you ask about their relationship status, both are in a relationship with each other's once exes, Varun Sood and Benafsha Soonwalla. (You May Also Like: Anshula Kapoor's Emotional Birthday Message For Late Mom Mona Kapoor Will Definitely Make You Cry)

Well, to make it clearer, Divya is currently dating Varun Sood, and on the other hand, Priyank is rumoured to have found solace in his best friend-cum-Bigg Boss co-contestant, Benafsha. Currently, everyone is enjoying their happy space with each other. And now, the latest thing making it to the headlines is that Priyank and Divya are back together on the work front. Yes, that’s absolutely what you read!

Divya Agarwal Confirms She Is Dating Varun Sood

The latest report says Divya and Priyank will next be seen together on ALT Balaji’s Puncchbeat. Talking about the same, she shared, “I am in conversation for a really amazing project for ALT and when they asked me to do a cameo in Puncchbeat, I wasn’t sure; but when we are working we have to be professional. Yes, the show has Priyank playing one of the leads but then the show is created by Mastermind so everything has a plus and a minus. Although Vikas was of the opinion of avoiding this cameo but I think we have learnt from him only to keep professional and personal equations separate. Also, I am excited to work with ALT and Ekta Kapoor Mam, so of course I couldn’t say a no for this cameo.”

Divya Agarwal Vikas Gupta

Also, Vikas Gupta was quoted as saying, “Yes, Divya Agarwal is doing a cameo in the show and obviously it will help as more people would want to sample the show now because she is one of the most popular female youth faces of the country. I just wasn’t kicked about the idea because I didn’t want the whole Divya-Priyank thing to dilute and these fans wars. The content runs on quality and good story telling, a face can help sample but beyond that it’s your work. Divya Agarwal or Priyank Sharma being on a show don’t guarantee a hit, the show does and let me tell you, everyone has done superb work on this series that’s going to release on 14th of February on ALT Balaji.” (Also Read: Ranveer Singh Writes An Open Letter For Wifey, Deepika Padukone, Calls Her The Light Of His Life)

Divya Agarwal Confirms She Is Dating Varun Sood

Wondering how would Divya’s current boyfriend would react to her working with ex-boyfriend, Priyank? Well, he is been very supportive of Divya on the professional front. Varun took to his official Twitter handle and tweeted, “Congratulations @Divyakitweet !! Loving the fact that your heart and mind are at the right place kill it in #puncchbeat @lostboy54 @ektaravikapoor”.

Varun Sood

Some time back, Divya confirmed that she is dating Varun and retorted, "Well, yes, we are a couple now. We are very much dating. I am glad that I am holding his hand and fighting the world. Our relationship will only get bigger and better and we plan to take it to the next level soon. It will just not stick for fun. Though we haven't discussed on all this, but I can tell you that we are serious about each other."

Divya Agarwal Confirms She Is Dating Varun Sood

Adding further, she said, "Varun and I used to share an extremely great bond, outside also. Locked inside, you are not distracted. We are alone and thinking about only our lives. And if I am holding somebody's hand after that, I am sure that it's for forever." When asked, “What got her so close to Varun?”, she replied, "People don't know this but before coming on this show--- Varun and I used to talk to each other for 4-5 hours in the night. I stay in Mumbai and he stays in Delhi, but we used to play 60s ke songs of Mohd Rafi and Mukesh and make each other hear them. So we were anyway very, very close pehle se. In fact, I would say we were just misunderstanding each other by calling each other as a best friend. The feeling was much more than that, and we realised that only in the show." (Do Check: Sania Mirza's 3-Month-Old Son Izhaan Is Lost In Deep Thoughts In The New Picture, Check Inside)

Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood

In one of the Bigg Boss tasks, she entered the house and broke up with Priyank leaving him shattered. Speaking to The Indian Express about that episode, Divya said, “It was hard for me. The reason why I went in the house was solely to give him a reality check on what was happening in the world outside and to help him play accordingly. There were also rumours that I am against Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi but I just told him Vikas Gupta is a true friend as I know them and their friendship since a very long time and I could see how Vikas’ family was getting affected with Priyank. The break up was necessary inside the house as the controversy began inside it and we started off in a reality show.”

Divya Varun

She further added, “There are people who still believe we are together. It does not make a difference to the fans. It is hard for me to handle people who love us together. There were questions raised on my trust issues and his loyalty issues, but you see, I can never prove them wrong because they are not. I myself am a big fan of Divyank and was hoping to work together on many other platforms but anyway.” When she was asked if she would date Priyank again, Divya replied, “No, no that is absolutely a big no. Professionally, yes but nothing personal.”

Divya Varun

Earlier, speaking to a leading daily, Priyank opened up about his relationship with Divya. He said, “When I got evicted for the first time, Divya and I had discussed that things are not working out between us. And then I went back into the house rather quickly after that, so I feel some questions had remained in her mind. But I have moved on. Perhaps Divya had some things in her mind and she wanted to clear them when she came to the house- but we couldn't communicate much. Also, we didn't have phones inside, so I couldn't call her after she left. From my side it was always clear that our relationship is over, and I hope that she too is clear about this now and hereafter.” (Don't Miss: First Picture Of Ekta Kapoor's Son, Ravie And Tusshar's Son, Laksshya Shows They Can't Wait To Play)

Divya Agarwal breaks down after reading Priyank Sharma's open letter

Priyanka was left distressed when Divya broke up with him on Bigg Boss. He was once quoted as saying, “Exactly, because we were with each other. So obviously, thoda toh hoga na. But now I don't want to date anyone. My whole focus has been shifted to my career. I want to grow and make it big in the entertainment industry. Fans have welcomed me warmly, so I don't want to lose their love and appreciation. I did some mistakes inside but then I apologised and that phase also over. I feel like taking a break from everything now for few days and the deep-dive into my career only. I shall concentrate on acting and dancing, soonest.”

Here's wishing Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma all the very best for their upcoming project, Puncchbeat.

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