Vidya Balan Says She Was Addicted To Cigarettes Post 'The Dirty Picture', Adds, 'I Didn't Really...'

Vidya Balan revealed how she developed a liking for smoking cigarettes, after her role in the iconic film, 'The Dirty Picture'.


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Vidya Balan Says She Was Addicted To Cigarettes Post 'The Dirty Picture', Adds, 'I Didn't Really...'

Vidya Balan is an enigmatic actress of Bollywood and there are no second thoughts on the same. The diva never fails to make her fans skip a heartbeat, courtesy of her gorgeous looks and stunning fashion picks. Moreover, she is renowned for her incomparable acting mettle, and with each subsequent film, Vidya has simply been setting the bar higher of her performance.

Vidya Balan reveals she got addicted to smoking after her film, The Dirty Picture

In a recent conversation on the YouTube talk show, Unfiltered with Samdish, Vidya Balan recalled how she had tried to smoke for the first time while filming the movie, The Dirty Picture. She revealed knowing how to smoke, but never smoked out of habit. However, in order to fulfil the needs of her on-screen character, she had to start smoking, so that it would look authentic in front of the camera. In her words:

“I had smoked before shooting for the film. I knew how to smoke but I didn’t really smoke…you know what it is. But as a character, you can’t just fake it. I couldn’t have that hesitation because there is a certain perception about women who smoke. Much less now, far more before.”

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Vidya revealed that out of addiction, she would consume two-three cigarettes a day

Moving forth in the conversation, Vidya remarked that she is one of those folks who enjoys smoking. However, since she knows the harm it causes, therefore she isn’t a chain smoker. She recalled how there was a time when during her college days, she purposely sat beside people who smoked, owing to her love for the smell of smoke. Adding how it was during the course of the film, she became addictive over smoking and easily finished 2-3 cigarettes a day, Vidya said:

“No. I don’t think I should say this on camera but I enjoy smoking. If you told me that there is no harm that a cigarette would do then I would have become a smoker. I love the smell of smoke. Even at bus stops in my college days, I would sit next to people who would smoke. After The Dirty Picture, I got addicted. I would smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day.”  


Vidya blasted the idea of being constantly poked about her weight

Previously, at The Indian Express’ six-part series, Expresso, Vidya Balan addressed the unjust demand amongst filmmakers to find suitable only a certain body type and physique. The diva took her own example and revealed how every time that she signs up a new movie, the director asks her to shed a few kilos. The actress revealed that since she had faced a lot of health troubles earlier, it was quite impossible for her lose weight instantly. Moreover, she blasted the idea of losing weight for the sake of a film, and called it ridiculous.

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Vidya Balan talked about her sublime sense of fashion

In the same interview, the diva spilled a few beans, as she discussed about her understanding of modern fashion trends. She revealed that instead of following the newer and trendier styles, she goes by the comfortability factor. In her words:

“Honestly, I don’t understand fashion, I never have. But with age, I have got more comfortable with myself. I started embracing who I am and therefore what I like to wear. So I wear exactly what I like. It’s not to make anyone else happy but myself. I don’t wear things because it is cool or fashionable, I would be suffocating myself if I am not feeling good about what I am wearing.”


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