Vindu Dara Singh On His Divorce With Ex-Wife, Farah Naaz And Life With His Second Wife, Dina Umarova

'Bigg Boss 3' winner, Vindu Dara Singh opened-up about the reasons behind his split with his ex-wife, Farah Naaz and talked about his marital life with his second wife, Dina Umarova. Details inside!


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Vindu Dara Singh On His Divorce With Ex-Wife, Farah Naaz And Life With His Second Wife, Dina Umarova

Bollywood actor, Vindu Dara Singh never shies away from talking about his marital life with his second wife, Dina Umarova and once again, in his candid conversation, the actor revealed the basic principles and rules he follows to have a happily married life. Also, in his conversation, Vindu talked about the reasons behind his divorce with his first wife and actress, Farah Naaz in 2002. For the unversed, in the 1990s, Farah had met Vindu on the sets of a movie for the first time, and the two had instantly fallen in love with each other.

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In 1996, the couple had tied the marital knot with each other, and in 1997, Vindu Dara Singh and his then-wife, Farah Naaz had welcomed their son, Fateh. However, in 2002, the two had parted their ways after some irreconcilable difference between them and had moved on in their respective journeys.

Vindu Dara Singh Farah Naaz

In an interview with ETimes TV's Telly Stars Talk, popular celebrity, Vindu Dara Singh and the winner of the popular reality show, Bigg Bos 13 opened up about his two marriages and the things he has learned about marital life so far. When the actor was asked to talk about his first marriage with his ex-wife, Farah Naaz in 1996, who is the elder sister of iconic actress, Tabu. Vindu stated that there's never one reason behind a broken marriage. He said, "There cannot be just one reason, but you see in a marriage you don't realise when things start going wrong. The pressure is building up, and it's just a cooker-like situation." The actor also explained why there's nothing good about dragging a marriage. He said, "But, why drag? Why not rather part ways amicably? But, Farah and I will always be there for each other. I know that she'll be there for me if and when I need her- and the same applies to the situation if and when she needs me."

Vindu Dara Singh Farah Naaz Tabu Marriage

Going further in his interview, when Vindu Dara Singh was asked whether he's still in touch with his ex-wife, Farah Naaz or not? The actor nodded his head in yes and revealed that their son, Fateh was all set to make his Bollywood debut this year. But because of COVID-19, the project has been delayed. He said, "I am in touch with her, but not too frequently. It's not that we eat and drink together. We wish each other on occasions, though. And let's not forget that we have our son Fateh. Anything concerning him, we naturally connect. Actually, I wanted him to be launched this year, but it got delayed due to the COVID pandemic. I have given him my tips too." Vindu also added that Tabu is giving him some serious acting lessons, he added, "Farah is a great mother, and with she and Tabu sitting on Fateh's head and giving him acting tips, it is a matter of time that Fateh will be launched."

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Vindu Dara Singh Fateh Debut Bollywood

Vindu Dara Singh was also asked about his marital life with his second wife, Dina Umarova. He revealed that the lessons he had learned from his first marriage helped him sustain his second marriage. He revealed, "My marriage with Dina has been smooth. It's not that we don't differ and argue, but we don't keep it till the next day. We sit and talk it out before retiring for the night."

Vindu Dara Singh Second Wife Dina Umarova

Concluding his interview, Vindu shared three golden rules for a happy married life. He said, "We don't procrastinate and let days roll by. We sort it out. We are two individuals who are not obstinate that 'only I am right'. This is the lesson I learnt from my first marriage. In fact, I learnt three golden rules from my first marriage. 1. Admit your mistake. 2. Learn from it. 3. Don't repeat it."

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Vindu Dara Singh Second Wife Dina Umarova

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