Vinod Khanna And Amrita Singh's Affair: From Almost Getting Married To Their Breakup Over Religion

Here's everything you need to know about Vinod Khanna and Amrita Singh's love story that almost turned into a marriage but ended after the latter's mother disapproved of it. Check it out!


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Vinod Khanna And Amrita Singh's Affair: From Almost Getting Married To Their Breakup Over Religion

On October 6, 1946, a boy was born in Peshawar (now in Pakistan) to a couple, who was already blessed with four kids. Soon after the birth of the eldest son of Kamla and Krishnachand Khanna, the family of seven moved to Bombay during the partition in 1947. A tragedy that brought one of the greatest icons of Indian cinema, Vinod Khanna, to the city of dreams, and the rest is history. In the 1970s, Vinod Khanna was leading the industry with his charisma, intense roles, masculinity, and an unexplained aura that was never seen before in Hindi cinema.

From giving legendary actor, Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan, who were also establishing themselves on the big screen, a run for their money, Vinod Khanna was a name enough to make shows houseful. Such was his stardom. However, as we all know that the troubles of Vinod Khanna's personal life had taken a massive toll on his professional life. Vinod is also often referred to as the Bollywood king, who never was.

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Vinod Khanna

However, there's no denying the fact that he was the only actor, who had always stayed away from the rat race of becoming the 'No. 1 actor in Bollywood'. Still, he was entitled to one for many years, courtesy of people, who were swooning over his humility. Vinod Khanna was truly people's superstar, and we will never see anyone like him for sure. Apart from all the glam and glitz of showbiz, a page from Vinod Khanna's life is still quite unknown to many, and it is a tale that deserves to be heard.

vinod khanna

We are talking about Vinod Khanna's affair with Amrita Singh, the Punjabi actress, who reportedly had a romantic history with Ravi Shastri, Sunny Deol, and even Anil Kapoor. However, it was her relationship with the suave superstar, Vinod Khanna, that was the most exciting. So, without further ado, let's get straight into it!

When Amrita Singh fell in love with Vinod Khanna

One of the most stunning actresses of her generation, Amrita Singh, met Vinod Khanna in person for the first time on the sets of their film, Batwara, which was directed by J.P. Dutta. During their first meeting, Amrita was mesmerised by Vinod Khanna's personality, just like almost any other actress in the film industry. However, at that time, she was reportedly engaged to the iconic cricketer, Ravi Shastri.

After Amrita Singh had signed the film, Batwara with Vinod Khanna, she had jokingly told her then cricketer-fiancee to watch out. However, Ravi Shastri was quite confident and told Amrita that even if she tried her best, she would never be able to make Vinod Khanna fall in love with her. He had said:

"You can never get Vinod Khanna even if you tried!"

Amrita Singh returned to Ravi Shastri after failing to impress Vinod Khanna

When Ravi Shastri had told Amrita Singh that Vinod Khanna was simply out of her league, it went through the actress' heart like a sharp blade. The reason behind it was that Amrita was already experiencing feelings for Vinod Khanna, and to hear such statements from Ravi was quite hard for her. But in the end, what the cricketer had predicted turned out to be true. After the pack-up of their film, Batwara, Vinod had shown no signs of having an interest in the bubbly girl.

It was not like Amrita Singh hadn't done enough in order to gain his attention, but it was meant to be and was probably the call of destiny. After this, Amrita had decided to shake off her dreams and marry Ravi Shastri, who, according to her, was a suitable match for her. However, when she went back to the cricketer, she had realised that they were never meant to be with each other. Thus, both of them had broken their alleged engagement.

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Amrita Singh's efforts towards Vinod Khanna finally paid off!

A series of months passed by and the two celebrities met again on the sets of their other film. However, this time around, there was a slight change in Vinod Khanna's behaviour towards Amrita Singh. The superstar had looked more indulged during their conversations and was also quite affectionate with her. No wonder Amrita's efforts on sets of their film, Batwara, were finally paying off, and the actress was on cloud nine.

Soon the two had accepted their feelings for each other and started dating. Despite a huge age gap of 12 years, Vinod Khanna and Amrita Singh were madly in love with each other. The much-in-love couple were so serious about their relationship that they were reportedly planning to get married. Soon, the news of their affair was all over the newspapers. People started dragging Vinod Khanna's first marriage with Geetanjali. However, it wasn't all dirty in the media, courtesy of the fact that Vinod had parted ways with his first wife in 1985, and when he had met Amrita, he was single.

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The reason why Vinod Khanna and Amrita Singh couldn't marry each other

Everything was going pretty smooth in Amrita Singh, and Vinod Khanna's relationship and their massive fanbase was rightly excited about their wedding. Well, that's when the thought of their marriage was crushed into pieces by Amrita's mother, Rukhsana Sultan. The doting mother of the actress couldn't bear the 12-year age gap between her daughter and Vinod Khanna. Also, she bought up his divorce from Geetanjali as another major point that needed to be noticed by her daughter. The final nail in the coffin of Amrita and Vinod's hopes of getting married was Vinod's religion.

Vinod Khanna with first wife

If reports are to be believed, Amrita's mother wanted to find a suitable Muslim boy for her daughter and was against her daughter's decision to marry a Hindu boy. Despite Amrita's constant efforts, Rukhsana Sultan held onto her ground. As a result, the couple had to end their relationship, following constant denials from the actress' mother. In the coming years, while Amrita had tied the knot with Saif Ali Khan and parted ways with him after some years, Vinod had found solace in the arms of Kavita Daftary.

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Unfortunately, it was on April 27, 2017, when Vinod Khanna had passed away following a prolonged sickness.

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