Virat Kohli Owns 12 Tattoos: From Parents' Names To 'Shiva', Here Are The Meanings Of Each Of Them

Virat Kohli has left the world in awe of him with his record-breaking innings in the semi-final of the World Cup 2023. However, amid all these, let's dive deep into his meaningful 'inked' world.


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Virat Kohli Owns 12 Tattoos: From Parents' Names To 'Shiva', Here Are The Meanings Of Each Of Them

Virat Kohli has proved why he is called the 'GOAT'. There is no denying the fact that Virat Kohli never leaves a chance to swoon millions of hearts. The cricketer has been continuously leaving his fans in awe of his performances, be it his century against Pakistan in the Asia Cup or the record-breaking performance in the semi-final against New Zealand for the ICC World Cup 2023. 

Besides being a prolific player, Virat's fashion and fitness quotient often leaves his worldwide fanbase in awe of him. However, a lot of people are unaware of the player's love for getting inked. For those who don't know, Virat Kohli has a total of 12 tattoos, and each of them has different meanings. In National Geographic’s series, Mega Icons, Virat opened up about the meanings his tattoos carry. So, without further ado, let's learn the meanings of Virat's tattoos.

Virat Kohli has a tattoo of tribal art on his right forearm, and it has a special meaning


For the unversed, Virat Kohli has a tattoo of a piece of tribal art on his right forearm. As per the cricketer, through this piece of art, all he wanted to depict was his aggression. However, he later admitted that he got himself inked with this tribal piece of art mostly to look cool.

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Virat Kohli has a tattoo of Lord Shiva on his left forearm

Virat Kohli got a tattoo of Lord Shiva inked on his left forearm. His tattoo features Lord Shiva being indulged in meditation on Mount Kailash by the Lake Mansarovar. Talking about the meaning of Virat's Lord Shiva tattoo, as per Hello magazine, the prolific cricketer claimed that this tattoo symbolises his willpower to destroy anything that stops him from being a better version of himself.

Virat Kohli got himself inked with his zodiac sign

A few days ago, Virat posted a photo of himself on his IG handle, wherein we could clearly see a tattoo of him featuring the word 'Scorpio', which is a zodiac sign. However, as per his 'Scorpio' tattoo, it can be clearly stated that Virat is a big believer in astrology.

Virat Kohli paid honour to his parents by getting tattoos of them on himself

For those who don't know, Virat Kohli has gotten his parents' names inked on himself. Every now and then, the prolific player has opened up about the important roles his parents had played in his life. However, in National Geographic’s series, Mega Icons, Virat Kohli has revealed that he got himself inked with his parents' names to pay honour to them and to celebrate the connection he shares with them. He also added that he wants to carry their names with him forever.

Virat Kohli carries two most important numbers, 175 and 269, with him as tattoos


Virat Kohli also has two numbers, 175 and 269, tattoed on himself. For the unversed, these two numbers are extremely important for the player as they mark two of the milestones that he achieved on his professional front. Virat made his ODI debut in 2018 in opposition to Sri Lanka, and he was the 175th Indian player to play on that day, which is why this number is important for him. On the other hand, the number 269 features the order he played in his Test debut in 2011 against West Indies.

Virat Kohli has a Monastery and a Japanese Samurai art tattooed on him


Virat Kohli has a tattoo of a Monastery on his left shoulder, which means peace and power. Talking about Virat's Japanese Samurai tattoo, the cricketer revealed that he has a deep connection with the Bushido code that the Japanese Samurais follow. For the unversed, the Bushido code speaks about seven virtues, including justice, honour, courage, honesty, benevolence, politeness, and loyalty.

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Virat Kohli got inked with a huge God's eye on his shoulder

Virat also has a huge God's eye inked on his shoulder. This tattoo represents the power of the almighty God. It also reminds one that one should always be grounded and never stray from his path.

Virat Kohli has an Om tattoo on his left tricep

Virat Kohli also has a tattoo of Om inked on his left tricep. As per the cricketer, Om is the universal sound. Virat also stated that this tattoo makes him feel peace and also helps him to stay grounded always.

Virat Kohli lastly got himself inked with a geometry flower design


It was back in April 2023 when Virat Kohli got inked with a design of a geometry flower design. For those who chipped in late, Virat's last tattoo was done by Sunny Bhanushali, who later revealed that the whole tattoo took 12 hours to be made and was meant to work as a reminder of the cricketer's spiritual journey.

What are your views on Virat Kohli's meaningful tattoos? Let us know!

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