Vivek Agnihotri On Shah Rukh Khan: 'I Don't Like His Politics..He Destroyed Everything In Bollywood'

In an interview, Vivek Agnihotri shared that although he likes Shah Rukh Khan, he doesn't like his politics. The director also accused him of destroying Bollywood.


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Vivek Agnihotri On Shah Rukh Khan: 'I Don't Like His Politics..He Destroyed Everything In Bollywood'

Vivek Agnihotri is a supremely talented director, producer, screenwriter, and author of the Hindi film industry. The talented individual started his career as a director with the crime thriller, Chocolate in 2005. Two of his most notable works are The Tashkent Files and The Kashmir Files, among which the latter is considered to be the highest-grossing Indian film of 2022. However, even since The Kashmir Files made it to the theatres, Vivek has been dominating all the headlines. And the same happened again, but for a different reason.

Vivek Agnihotri shares he doesn't like Shah Rukh Khan's politics

In a recent interview with, Vivek Agnihotri shared that he is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan, but he doesn't like the politics of him. In the same interview, Vivek mentioned that these politics have destroyed everything in Bollywood, where there is only hype, glamour, and stardom, which is his problem. Vivek shared:

"Do you know I am a fan of SRK? I always say there’s nobody as charismatic as him. But, I don’t like the politics of Shah Rukh Khan. I think they are responsible for destroying a great institution like Bollywood. They have destroyed everything in Bollywood. Now, it’s only PRs, hype, glamour, and stardom… anything which is not stardom is not accepted. That’s my problem."

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Vivek Agnihotri on his relationship with Shah Rukh Khan

In the same interview, Vivek Agnihotri mentioned that his second biggest problem is that 'they' think the audience is dumb, which he cannot at all tolerate. The director added that he makes people's films and not only box office films. Calling the differences between his and SRK's films north pole and south pole, and their relationship like smuggler and police, Vivek mentioned:

"My second biggest problem is mediocrity, their hardcore belief that the audience is dumb. I cannot tolerate that. I make people’s films. They make a Box Office film. When their film is successful, it’s a Shah Rukh Khan film which is successful. When my film is successful, it’s the people’s film which is successful. So, we are standing on two different poles: the North Pole and the south pole. However much I love him… sometimes I think it’s like Shakti or Deewar… where you love your father and brother but one is a police officer and one is a smuggler. Now you decide who’s a police officer and who’s a smuggler in our relationship."


Vivek Agnihotri on whether he will ever work with Shah Rukh Khan 

Further, in the interview, Vivek Agnihotri was asked if he would ever work with Shah Rukh Khan. To this, the director stated that if SRK is willing to work in his way, then there is no problem. Talking along the same line, Vivek shared that if Shah Rukh ever works in his films, then the writer and the director will be in the foreground, and SRK will be in the background, which Vivek thinks SRK will never accept. Vivek stated:

"If Shah Rukh Khan is willing to work my way, I have no problem. But, if he is working in my film, the writer and the director will be in the foreground and he will be in the background which he will never accept. So, he will never work with me.”


When Vivek Agnihotri got slammed by netizens for making a secular comment about SRK's song, Besharam Rang

Back when the song, Besharam Rang from Shah Rukh Khan's movie, Pathaan sparked a controversy, Vivek had taken to his Twitter handle and shared a video of a small girl who was seen explaining why so much nudity and obscenity are harmful to society. Sharing the video, which consisted of a picture of Deepika wearing a bikini, Vivek penned a short yet strong note, which added fuel to the ongoing controversy about the same. The director had written:

"Warning: #PnV video against Bollywood. Don't watch it if you are a secular."

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Reacting to this, users started slamming the director and calling him the 'hypocrite'; some others even reminded him of his daughter,  Mallika Agnihotri's pictures donning Bikini at the beach.

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