Vivek Oberoi On Agreeing To Meet Wife, Priyanka Alva Post Bitter Breakups: 'First Thing I Noticed..'

Vivek Oberoi opened up about his love story with wifey, Priyanka Alva and shared why he didn't want to get married initially after a series of heartbreaks.


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Vivek Oberoi On Agreeing To Meet Wife, Priyanka Alva Post Bitter Breakups: 'First Thing I Noticed..'

Vivek Oberoi has made some heart-swooning performances in his filmography so far, that has simply made women go weak in their knees. However, despite his lover boy avatars on-screen, the actor’s heart is safely settled in the arms of his wifey, Priyanka Alva. For the unversed, the couple crossed paths in an arranged marriage setup and after dating for a few years, tied the knot in 2010. The duo is blessed with a son and daughter.

Vivek Oberoi claims he wasn’t inclined to get married with Priyanka Alva

In an interaction with The Humans Of Bombay, Vivek Oberoi recalled his love story with wifey, Priyanka Alva and claimed that he fell for her within almost 48 hours. The actor revealed that after getting heartbroken for quite a few times, he wasn’t interested in getting married anytime soon. However, it was only after the pressure and requests of his aunt, that Vivek decided to atleast meet Priyanka just once. Narrating more, he said:

“My maasi met Priyanka’s maasi and said that your niece and my nephew would be perfect. Priyanka was somewhere in New York, studying her MBA at that time, and they set everything up. My mother saw this, and she has seen enough of me saying please don’t talk about it in the past. She had tried this in the past… She is looking at this photo, and I come home and see the picture and say ‘she is quite pretty’. Next thing I know is that she is telling me you have to meet her. I made a deal with her. I told her, I will go and meet this girl but on the condition that you will stop all this. She was like, OK done.”

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Vivek Oberoi says he was impressed with Priyanka’s confident yet subtle sense of dressing

Moving further in the conversation, Vivek Oberoi recalled his first impression upon meeting his wifey, Priyanka Alva. The actor remarked that the latter arrived dressed in simple clothes and with no fancy sense of fashion, which led to him commend her confidence. Adding how Priyanka arrived late for their first meet at a café, Vivek said:

“I was in a cafe, and I saw this girl walking in towards me. The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing flat chappals, simple linen pants, simple top, her hair tied up loosely with that stick and no make up. I was like waah confidence ki daat deni padegi. She is not dressed up, she just came and sat in front of me and said, hi, sorry I am 10 min late.”


Vivek Oberoi claims pulling up a filmy prank to woo Priyanka Alva

In the concluding segment of the interaction, Vivek Oberoi revealed that while he had planned to meet Priyanka just for a couple of hours at a café, it soon converted into long hours of chats, where they not only lost the track of time, but the actor even missed his return flight. He further recalled pulling off a totally filmy prank to impress his ladylove. In his words:

“So next day, I rented a convertible, put a nice jacket one, 11 am in the morning I was there. There she was, completely shocked to see me, and I said let’s go for a drive, and we took off and it was a day of just conversation and I don’t know what happened. At the end of the day, I dropped her home and I told her ‘Look, you are a lady, it’s your privilege to decide yes or no but if I am ever in my life going to get married its going to be with you. If I don’t marry you, I won’t get married at all. Rest is up to you. You take your time and decide’. And then I made my exit and that was it.”

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Vivek Oberoi once talked about the key takeaways from his past relationships

Previously, while speaking at Anas Boukhash’s podcast, Vivek Oberoi retrospected about the key learnings from his bitter past relationships. He remarked that those tough phases of his life made him realise that he needs to shed off his hero complex, which although worked well on the silver screen, but had no relation in real life. Moreover, Vivek added that his public breakup in the 2000s also ended up making a major dent in his career.


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