5 Weight Loss Shortcuts That Are Actually Harmful For You


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5 Weight Loss Shortcuts That Are Actually Harmful For You

All people in the world want a perfect body. They can do anything to achieve that body. They happily work towards that severe calorie reduction to get quicker results. From myriad mono diet plans to steroids intake, they do it all to get that figure to-die-for.

However, they hardly realise that these shortcuts, promising fast results are only making them fall prey to their adverse effects. Here is a revelation for those young girls who rely on these hazardous methods for their slimming success.

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#1. Miracle slimming creams/gels

These easy to apply, widely popular and at times cheap creams and gels are becoming a pre-bridal phenomena for a huge number of girls. However, every time they get on to the weighing scale they are still the ‘same’. We tell you why? These wonder products, which promise to be their ticket to glamour, are one of the deadliest weight-loss formulas. And, we would say the victims especially are those who don’t want to make an effort. The gel or the lotions are supposed to wash the fats away by breaking down cellulite. But, just the application of creams alone doesn’t work. The application combined with exercise and proper diet might (READ: Lose 4 Kgs In 4 Days: Everything You Need To Know About Banana And Milk Diet) enhance your chances of having that firm belly, but simply slathering on lotions, and expecting a miraculous change is unlikely.

Tips: Those who depend on these products might not achieve all that they hope for.  Avoid excessive use of such skin creams. Also, consult your doctor before starting with any of these creams or gels. Although they are easy to apply and are non-invasive, but can lead to skin allergies or disorders like dizziness, restlessness, nausea, irregular heartbeat etc.

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#2. Mono or isolated diets

The mono diets or isolated diets (where you are just eating one type of food without combining it with other meals) that girls embark upon to cut weight fast, give dramatic results for a short span of time. But, these diets are very harmful. The standard meal one takes involves many ingredients and hence nutrients. To keep energy levels high and the body functioning properly, the body needs carbohydrates, proteins and fats in right proportions. Whereas in mono diet, not all necessary nutrients are given to the body and it rather becomes a dieting error. Slowly and steadily their metabolism goes down due to lack of biological response, hence making them feel more hungry.

Tips: By following food restriction regimes, you are actually giving way to long-term problems like osteoporosis, anorexia, fatigue, irritability and even loss of menstrual cycles in some cases. You can decrease your carbs and fats and increase your protein intake. Rather than stuffing yourself after starving to the max, opt for smaller meals spread across the day. Combine your diet plan with toning, stretching and workouts.

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#3. Fat burning capsules or slimming pills

For all those would-be brides who are gung-ho about gulping down the problem-solving slimming capsules or those green tea pills to burn fats, here is a warning. These over-the-counter pills are one of the deadliest diet trends that are plaguing millions of girls all over the world. They not only pose danger to the body with odd symptoms, but are also ineffective at their weight-loss claims. As per most dieticians and experts, these ‘fast and easy ways’ to transform the body are actually a farce.

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The charm of getting that lean look makes you forget the possible risks involved. As per different studies and different doctors, there are various views associated with their usage. Some people might experience light complications like nausea, headache and dizziness, while with some the side effects can be serious like heart problems, toxicity, brain damage as well as cancer.

Tips: Many girls take these pills without a doctor’s advice, which is a serious concern. Several fitness experts make false claims to these medicines, which have to be understood. Some of these pills are neither tested nor approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). So, there is a lot of risk involved with the intake of these pills without a doctor’s advice.

#4. Green tea overdose

We all know that green tea is renowned for its disease-curing properties and in recent times, this power-drink has been a hit among the youth to pull off that sassy figure. But, there is a darker side to it that we would like to reveal. No doubt, it is therapeutic, but for those who are sensitive to caffeine or who consume it in excess, here are symptoms to watch out for: restlessness, upset stomach and sleeping disorders. Being a great antioxidant, it helps burn fat and even has anti-ageing properties. However, guzzling down cups and cups of any kind of tea might end up in nutritional overdose.

As per some studies, tea plant accumulates nutrition such as aluminium, manganese and fluoride from soil and water. These minerals can turn poisonous when consumed in large amounts. Caffeine, an alkaloid, present in almost all stimulating beverages like tea and coffee can cause long term troubles like addiction, acidity and digestive problems. Having green tea on an empty stomach adversely affects the stomach balance and sipping it immediately after meals is not healthy either, as it inhibits nutrient absorption resulting in improper digestion.

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Tips: One must avoid having green tea late at night or on an empty stomach. It is best to have green tea half an hour before or after your meals. It is better to have more water to hydrate your body. Or you can simply have fruits. Moderate consumption is fine (READ: How Green Tea Burns Down Fat And Helps In Losing Weight) but excess can result in toxicity or can cause damage to the liver. So do not have more than two-to-three cups a day.

#5. Massagers or sauna belts

Magic workout equipments like heated pads and ab slimmers sound cool but they can turn a bride’s beautiful day into a nightmare. Like most quick fix methods, this one too is not permanent and has its negative effects to beware of. These fat burning machines target specific areas and you end up with more bulges around that body part. They work on the principle of dehydrating a particular area through perspiration and you immediately lose some inches but once you rehydrate, the size comes back.

Ideally, these techniques use mono or bi-polar radiofrequency, ultrasound, vacuum, low-level laser technologies etc. to tighten your skin and melt away the fats. These machines are effective to an extent, but for the best and sustainable results it is recommended to follow a healthy diet, exercise pattern and maintain good hydration levels. During use, these gadgets prevent fresh air to reach that particular area and having long sessions of these treatments can cause rashes and acne. Also, direct contact with a high temperature develops skin burns and heat strokes.

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Tips: The procedure with slimming machines involves water-loss through profuse sweating that makes you lighter on the bathroom scale. So, you have to keep yourself heavily hydrated. You can also go for a guided food plan, exercise program and certified treatments prescribed by your doctor where you lose fats in a safe and natural way. Consider regular exercise (including cardio workouts) along with the machine usage to reach to your goals realistically, safely and actively.

Being slim and svelte is always a good feeling, especially if it is your big day. But, a monstrous obsession with gadgets and useless methods is something to beware of. Go by these tips so that you put your foot down to the various scams in form of creams, gizmos and medicines, which if used excessively and without consultation, can lead you to various health and skin issues.

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