When Lata Mangeshkar Revealed That She Thought Kishore Kumar Was 'Following' Her

India's nightingale, Lata Mangeshkar, had once recalled an incident where she thought legendary singer, Kishore Kumar was following her. Read to know what happened next!


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When Lata Mangeshkar Revealed That She Thought Kishore Kumar Was 'Following' Her

February 6, 2022 will be marked as the most saddened day as the legendary playback singer, Lata Mangeshkar, the queen of melody, left this mortal plane for the heavenly abode. Over the years, she had gifted us hundreds of melodious songs that will remain with us forever. Her voice will be unforgettable, and she will always live through her music.

Lata Mangeshkar had never really opened up about her personal experiences or interactions with anybody in front of the media. But she had once talked about a funny incident that had happened with her fellow singer, late Kishore Kumar. And it was the first day of their first duet song recording.

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Late singers, Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar, have given us one of the best hit songs of all time. However, their first meeting had started with a misunderstanding. Talking about the incident to Nasreen Munni Kabeer (the author of Lata Mangeshkar's book, Lata Mangeshkar: In Her Own Voice, published by Niyogi Books), the singing icon had recalled:

"I would take the train from Grant Road to Malad and one day Kishore da got on at the next stop. I thought he looked very familiar and wondered who he was. We both got off at Malad. Bombay Talkies studio was a long way from the station and that day I decided to take a taanga (carriage). And Kishore da hired one too."

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At that time, Lata was working with Khemchand Prakash for a film, Ziddi (1949). Thinking of being stalked and followed by Kishore Kumar, she had complained to the music composer, Khemchand and had asked about him, as apparently, the melodious queen had no knowledge about the late singer, Kishore. She had whined to Khemchand by saying:

"We rode along and finally we both entered the studio. I thought to myself, 'something strange is going on here. This fellow is following me'," she recalled. "I asked Khemchand ji: 'Uncle, who is this boy? He's following me.'"

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Later, Khemchand had cleared her confusion and had laughed it out. That day, Lata Mangeskar and Kishore Kumar had recorded their first song ever, Ye Kaun Aya Re Karke Sola Singar. Lata Mangeshkar had shared as the music composer had explained:

"He laughed and said, 'He's Kishore. Ashok Kumar's brother.' That day we recorded our first duet Ye Kaun Aya Re Karke Sola Singar."


Padma Bhushan honoured, Lata Mangeshkar took her last breath at the age of 92.

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