When Shoaib Malik Had A Telephonic 'Nikah' With A Fan Without Meeting Her And Got Cheated

Throwback interview of Shoaib Malik talking about his telephonic nikah with a fan and being cheated.


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When Shoaib Malik Had A Telephonic 'Nikah' With A Fan Without Meeting Her And Got Cheated

When Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik married Indian Tennis sensation, Sania Mirza in 2010, it became one of the most talked about subjects for over weeks. They fell in love leaving behind the concept of cross borders far behind. The fight the two had to put up to be with each other is one of a kind and redefines the meaning of love.

It was in 2004 at a restaurant in Hobart that they first came across each other. However, their first meeting lasted only for a mere two minutes leaving them wanting more. Their second meeting was when Malik, along with Waqar Yunis, came to watch Sania play where she found him extremely attractive. It was only after their third meeting that the two had fallen in love.

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When the news of Sania and Shoaib’s wedding made its way to the headlines, an array of controversies followed them. Out of the controversies, a woman from Hyderabad claimed to be married to Shoaib and the news came as a shock to everyone. The woman in question was Maha Siddiqui (also called Ayesha). In a throwback interview with Times News Network, Shoaib Malik opened up about his side of the story, and the details were quite scandalous.


As per Shoaib, his first encounter with Ayesha was in 2001, when she called him and introduced herself as his fan. She shared her pictures with him and stated that she lives in Saudi Arabia. Shoaib and Ayesha fell in love after talking to each other frequently, and Shoaib had also discussed about her with his family.


Shoaib, who was 20 at that time would often ask Ayesha to meet him, but she would dodge it by saying, “We will meet at our shaadi.” He tried meeting her several times, but could never do so. It was in 2002 when Shoaib received a call from Ayesha asking him to marry her immediately. When Shoaib said, it was too early, she pressurised him for a telephonic nikah. Shoaib got his nikahnama and signed the same with the thought that the girl he got married to was the one in the photographs.


The former cricketer further revealed how he got to know the truth that he was being cheated and revealed:

“Some time in August 2005, when I was in Pakistan, my brother-in-law told me that his nephews, who were in Saudi had a teacher called Maha Siddiqui, who was telling everyone she was the Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik's wife. He showed me a photograph of the teacher, and I was shocked to see it was Maha apa.”

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Shoaib immediately called Ayesha and confronted her and he also threatened her to release the pictures that she mailed him. Pleading to him, Ayesha asked him not to ruin the other girl’s life. Talking about the same, Shoaib stated:

“I called Ayesha immediately and told her I know the truth. I was enraged. I told her I was going to release the photographs she had mailed me. She apologised and told me that the other girl was married and that I would ruin her life if I released those pictures. I thought about it, whosoever photographs these are, probably doesn't even know about all this, and it wouldn't be fair to release those pictures.”


A few days back, there have been a lot of reports about Shoaib and Sania’s marital issues, and it is also reported that the duo is heading for divorce. It is reported that Sania had reportedly caught Shoaib cheating on her and decided to part ways with him. However, as per the Pakistani media, it is also reported that the star couple is already divorced. The news was confirmed by a close source from Shoaib’s management team in Pakistan. As per the source:

“Yes, they are officially divorced now. I can’t disclose more than that but can confirm that they have separated.”


Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza are proud parents of a baby boy named, Izhaan Mirza Malik.

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