Sangram Gifted Payal's Dream Car Mercedez C-Class On Her Birthday; Payal's Reaction Is Priceless


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Sangram Gifted Payal's Dream Car Mercedez C-Class On Her Birthday; Payal's Reaction Is Priceless

This popular wrestler-actress jodi is going very strong for many years now. We love this cute couple who has been with each through every thick and thin. We are talking about wrestler Sangram Singh and his fiancée, actress Payal Rohatgi.

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The couple has been going strong from 2011 and they even got engaged in 2014. The couple is in a live-in relationship and taking their own sweet time to get married. Their love for each other is so evident through their social media posts.

In 2016, on Payal’s birthday on November 9, Sangram surprised her in the best way possible. He gifted her something very special, something that she always wanted to have. Sangram surprised his ladylove with a stunning Mercedez Benz C-Class car, Payal’s dream car.

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Payal’s man left no stone unturned to make her birthday the most special day of her life. He posted a beautiful birthday post on Instagram for his lady. Take a look:

“Wish you a very #HBD_Payal. God bless you with all Happiness. Thx for coming in my life. Love you & God bless you @payal_rohatgi”

He also posted a video that captured the entire surprise and Payal’s reaction upon seeing her dream car. Take a look:



He posted a picture of their new car with a beautiful caption. Here it is:

“Umeedon ko jitna gira do surprise utna hi bada ho jata hai. I hope mere fake surprise ne aapka excitement aur bhi badha diya hoga. #HappyBirthdayPayal @payal_rohatgi #HBD #Love #Happiness #Life #NewCar #Mercedes #birthdaygirl #instagood #momentslikethese”

He planned for the entire surprise when Payal went to meet her parents in Ahmedabad during Diwali. So, was planning the entire surprise a tough task for Sangram? Here is what he said:

“When I was thinking of what to get Payal for her birthday, the car suddenly struck me. Mercedes had been my dream vehicle when I was a kid. I always thought I will buy myself a Mercedes one day. But the dream seemed distant back then. It is not anymore. A lot of it was my own strong will and god’s blessing. But there is no doubt that Payal’s support for the last few years has helped me sustain the initial push that wrestling gave me. This gift above all is me sharing my dreams with the women I love.”

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Buying a Mercedez was his dream since childhood. Instead of buying it for himself, he decided to gift it to his fiancée shows how much they both love each other.

Absolutely overwhelmed by the surprise, here is what Payal said:

“I knew he was going to “surprise” me as it’s my birthday, so I decided to act all surprised. But when I actually saw my gift, I think I went from faking surprised to an absolute overwhelming feeling, in no time. I thought I knew what was happening, but a Merc as a birthday gift is an absolute shocker…of the best possible kind. Now I know what he was up to while I was visiting my parents. But what moves me the most is that this is his Dream Car and he decided to buy it for me. It only goes to show the place I hold in his heart.”

Payal also posted a cute video, sitting in her new car with Sangram. Take a look:



Here is how Payal thanked Sangram for giving her such a wonderful surprise:

“OMG 9/11 it's the day I officially came to Planet Earth. It's been a great journey so far with good and bad people coming in my life. Thanks to everyone U guys just made me a better human being today. Nevertheless Love my crazy family and U Sangram ji.”

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Payal was speechless! Sangram totally swept Payal off her feet. They look so made-for-each-other, respecting and fulfilling each other’s dreams. Did you like Sangram’s surprise for his girl? Share it with us in the comments section below.