Yami Gautam And Aditya Dhar To Celebrate Their First Diwali After Wedding In Their New Home

In an interview, Yami Gautam talked about the plans of her first Diwali post-wedding and revealed that she will be celebrating the occasion with her husband, Aditya Dhar at their new home.


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Yami Gautam And Aditya Dhar To Celebrate Their First Diwali After Wedding In Their New Home

Celebrating the first festivals after your wedding is special as you get to celebrate it with not just one but two families. You get to learn new traditions of your partner’s family and everything is all about love. Yami Gautam will celebrate her first Diwali with her director-husband, Aditya Dhar, and the reason for their happiness doubled up as they will be celebrating it in their new home.

On October 24, 2021, Yami Gautam had observed her first Karwa Chauth after her wedding with Aditya Dhar. Well, Yami was seen wearing a unique mangalsutra from the brand, Bvlgari, and it costs Rs. 3,49,000. Taking to her IG handle, Yami had shared pictures wearing a red saree, flaunting her mangalsutra, sindoor and atheru earrings. Along with the picture, she had written:

''The joy of celebrating my first Karvachauth is unmatched & it became more special as I wear @bulgari Mangalsutra.''

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Price of the mangalsutra

In a conversation with the Bombay Times, Yami Gautam talked about her Diwali plans and how she will be celebrating it with her husband, Aditya Dhar in their new home. She said:

“We are celebrating Diwali at our new home in Mumbai with both our parents coming over. They are very excited as this is our first Diwali after marriage. We’ll be decorating the house with diyas and doing a puja at home. I love this feeling of being at home with my loved ones. After all, home is where your heart belongs. It makes you feel safe and secure. Aditya’s parents are really nice, warm and very loving.”

Yami Gautam And Aditya Dhar wedding

Talking about how she plans to wear the outfit brought by her mom and sister, Surilie at the time of her wedding, Yami added:

“For me, Diwali means new clothes. I am going to wear this beautiful traditional outfit that my mom and sister Surilie picked up for me. Actually, during my shaadi, both of them got new outfits for me, so that I could wear those for the events post marriage. However, we couldn’t be a part of these events due to the pandemic and work commitments, so I have plenty of clothes for such occasions. I am too lazy to shop, and I am happy that my mom and my sister did it for me.”

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Yami Gautam

Yami Gautam also mentioned that Aditya’s mom doesn’t let her cook, and her husband, Aditya makes delicious Kashmiri and Italian food. She further added:

“Also, Diwali and family gatherings call for good food, which I don’t have to worry about because Aditya and his folks are such excellent cooks. Aditya’s mom never lets me cook. They are Kashmiri, and they make such delicious traditional delicacies, so how could I deprive myself of it? Which is why I never complain and let them cook (laughs!). Aditya can cook Kashmiri and Italian cuisine really well. He also makes great chai. I am good at making desserts, and yes, I did cook a delicious Himachali dish for them one day and they all loved it.”

Yami and Aditya

Sharing her perception of marriage and calling it a blend of love, friendship and companionship, Yami concluded:

“Marriage is about love, friendship, companionship and doing things together to make each other happy. You learn to utilise and enjoy every bit of time that you have. We have chosen a profession that keeps us busy. So, whatever time and space we have, we just go along and enjoy the journey. Yes, you have work commitments where you are separated by distance, too, but you need to learn to nurture your relationship between all this. The best way to do it is by being flexible. If you have preconceived notions and set other couples’ relationships as examples, then it won’t work. You have to understand and respect each other’s work.”

Yami and Aditya

Yami Gautam and Aditya Dhar had tied the knot on June 4, 2021.

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